The Frostlands Series

With: Siren Allen

Witches, dragons, and vampires… OH MY!

Welcome to the Frostlands, where every day is a struggle to stay alive. If one of the warring factions don’t try to kill you, the land will. The Frostlands is where creatures of the lore are banished to when they commit heinous crimes. But sometimes unlucky innocents get cursed there too. Together, these innocents search for a way out. On their journey, they experience love, betrayal, and heartache.

Welcome to the Frostlands.

Please don’t touch the plants. Some of them bite!

~About The Book~

Cursed to never speak again, Kaede Oshiro hasn’t uttered a word in decades. And then a curvy witch storms into his life and makes him moan her name.

Banished to the Frostlands by his jealous cousin and his cousin’s wife, Kaede Oshiro has spent years fighting to stay alive on a frozen tundra that’s filled with creatures straight out of nightmares. Battling day after day, killing night after night has turned him into a cold-hearted shifter. His hope of returning to the mortal realm and reclaiming his title as pack alpha seems impossible. Then one day, an opportunity for him to regain his freedom arises. All he has to do is kidnap a witch and bring her to The Deciders. He thought finding the witch, Sinclair Rose, and turning her over to The Deciders would be a simple task. She proved him wrong. The moment he touched her, he experienced pain unlike anything he’d felt before.

When he finally came to, he realized six things:

1. The captor had become the captive.

2. The cottage he was being held captive in was filled with Christmas decorations.

3. The witch holding him hostage was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen.

4. When her hands were on him, he was able to speak.

5. Her presence was awaking the dormant dragon inside him.

6. He must protect this woman at all costs.

However, if he chooses protecting Sinclair over completing the task assigned to him by The Deciders, he’s putting both their lives in danger. Obey The Deciders or protect a voluptuous witch who makes his dragon roar? There’s only one answer both he and his inner animal can agree on.

Protect the witch.

And death to any who try to harm her.

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