With: Mary Corrales **Giveaway Alert**   It’s all in the eyes. That demonic flash of garnet that promises salacious pleasures. That’s the way I thought of Sindriel when I started his story. I kept seeing his eyes, that eerie flash of garnet red that indicated his otherworldly nature. He challenged me to come into his world. Those eyes beckoned me ...

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With: Gemma Brocato   I remember the first time I heard anyone say their Muse was talking to them. Right after I looked up what a Muse was, I wondered if they were hearing voices in their heads, or if some unseen being was whispering in their ear. I guess it was probably in about 5th or 6th grade that ...

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With: Marie Johnston It makes sense that if I got all four of my children’s names from TV or movies, I get character inspiration from the same places. And I can tell what I was watching when I first wrote Rourke’s character.   Does anyone watch Lucifer? The actor who plays Lucifer perfects the smoldering gaze. And that hair! Put ...

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Your Quick Guide to THE SONG series

With: Nina Crespo     Nina Crespo, author of Dalir’s Salvation, The Song 3 (release date: 27 September 2016), shares 7 key points to get you started on The Song series.   Thane, Reid, Mace, Colby and Wes served together as Army Rangers. The team was facing death when Dalir, an ancient warrior, gave them a second chance at life ...

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Who are your favorite Vikings?

With: Asa Maria Bradley **Giveaway Alert!**   I am delighted to join you today to chat about one of my favorite things: Vikings! Being born and raised in Sweden, I was introduced to Norse mythology through childhood picture books. I loved the stories of Odin and Freya and the other gods who lived in Asgard. And later on, my seventh ...

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More Than Mated Kindle World

With: Celia Kyle   8 New Stories in Celia Kyle’s More Than Mated Kindle World and What These Authors Love about Writing Paranormal Shifter Romance     More Than Mated is Celia Kyle’s Kindle World, based on Grayslake, her bestselling shifter romance series. This week, readers can enjoy eight new titles from Jessie Lane, Ruby Shae, Mina Carter, Flora Dare, ...

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Hear My Cry

With: Alexa Bourne **Congratulations to Bn100, the winner in Alexa’s giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!** There were two TV shows that I loved when I was a kid, The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. Both shows focused on characters who’d had bionic implants which gave them superhuman abilities. They joined a secret government organization and, ...

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Alpha Beta Omega: What can you expect?

With: Lia Davis **Giveaway Alert!**   The ABO Box Set is an eclectic collection of ten shifter romances. There are tigers, wolves, bears, and a shape-shifting demon. So many hot alpha males! Ten to exact. Each story is a first in a series or a stand-alone novella. Over half are brand new, never before published stories. So there is truly ...

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The Magic Is Here

Hello Everyone, This is Nancy Segovia, author and coordinator of the box set Love Potion #9: 14 Parnormal Romances. Today, I think I want to talk about what it is like to coordinate a box set, the problems you might experience, the work involved, and the possible rewards you may receive. First, working with 14 or 15 different creative authors can ...

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With: Ashlyn Chase **Giveaway Alert!**   MY WILD IRISH DRAGON   ONE JOB OPENING TWO SHIFTERS APPLY… SPARKS FLY   Dragon shifter Chloe Arish is hell-bent on becoming a Boston firefighter. She uses her Irish charm and fake documents to score an interview, knowing she has to work every bit as hard as a man—harder if she wants their respect. ...

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