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The Frostlands Series

With: Siren Allen Witches, dragons, and vampires… OH MY! Welcome to the Frostlands, where every day is a struggle to stay alive. If one of the warring factions don’t try to kill you, the land will. The Frostlands is where creatures of the lore are banished to when they commit heinous crimes. But sometimes unlucky innocents get cursed there too. ...

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New Release: Her Silent Knight

With: Siren Allen It’s that time of year again. Time for holiday romances. But this one isn’t a traditional holiday romance. The couple doesn’t meet at an ice rink and fall in love. Neither do they meet at a movie theater and immediately feel an attraction for one another. No, this hero and heroine meet under drastically different circumstances. He’s ...

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Villains Need Love Too

With: Siren Allen Giveaway Alert! When we watch movies or read books, we always hope the hero gets the girl. We root for the hero and swoon once he and the heroine finally find their happily ever after. But, have you ever stopped to think about how the villain feels? I know… I know… the villains usually have bad attitudes ...

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