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End of the Line: How to Approach the Final Book in a Series

With: Katherine McIntyre             One of the toughest things about reaching the last book in the series is the daunting task of trying to reach a satisfying conclusion. So many factors come into play—tying together character arcs, the final face off against the antagonist, and the loose plot threads all need resolution.             The most important part comes before ever ...

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A Variety of Fae

With: Katherine McIntyre             I’ve been enamored with mythology and fairytales for as long as I can remember, so the transition into writing about fae ended up being seamless. What’s more difficult is trying to come up with a cohesive explanation as to what fae are. Once upon a time, we might just mean fairy, but the term fae has ...

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The Importance of Sensitivity Readers

With: Katherine McIntyre One of the newer, but important, things to crop up in the book world have been sensitivity readers, which have been utilized by authors and publishers far and wide. As the push for more inclusivity becomes a growing force, these readers are more important than ever to ensure that the representation of marginalized groups are being upheld ...

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