A Wolf Apart

With: Maria Vale **Giveaway Alert!**   Can a human truly make room in her heart for the Wild?   Thea Villalobos has long since given up trying to be what others expect of her. So in Elijah Sorensson she can see through the man of the world to a man who is passionate to the point of heartbreak. But something ...

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A New Kind of Rockstar Romance

With: Katherine McIntyre               I’m a huge fan of the rockstar romance trope, and while the contemporary romance shelves are flooded with opportunities to read those stories, there aren’t so many on the paranormal side of things. That’s where my Discord’s Desire series came from, the idea of fae who derive energy and sustenance from passion and sex in ...

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COMING SOON…..Welcome to the partner site of JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE and JUST CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE.  We will be opening our doors on August 1st!!Authors, if you have any questions about participating on JUST PARANORMAL ROMANCE, please use this contact information.Thank you, and we’re looking forward to celebrating some great Paranormal Romance with you!

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