Sheryl Nantus

Warrior In Love

With: Sheryl Nantus Giveaway Alert! Thanks to recent Marvel movies, most people have heard of Ragnarök… or think they do! But what’s the real story behind this Norse Armageddon? The Norse pantheon has many gods, from the AllFather Odin to Freyja to our favorite bad boy, Loki—many of which we know from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And of course, Thor ...

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Warrior Nights

With: Sheryl Nantus Second-chance romance—it’s always wonderful to see a couple reunite and pursue a life together, but why did they break up in the first place? In Her Alpha Viking, we met Kara—a Valkyrie sent down to Earth for a purpose. But during her brief time, she indulged her more… human desires and urges, meeting Liam in a hotel ...

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Her Alpha Viking

With: Sheryl Nantus   Valkyries. Just saying the name brings up images of winged warriors, weapons at the ready as they charge into battle either riding horses or under their own power.   Vikings. Oh, yeah. All of that and then some, right? But in the present, a warrior’s blood runs in many different veins – not all of them ...

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