Maggie Tideswell

PS: I Love You

With: Maggie Tideswell   She found her! Jess saw Roxanne in one of her visions. Ben was wrong and the odd-ball sisters-in-law, believe it or not, were right—Roxanne wasn’t dead! But where Jess saw her she could never come home from. She was as good as dead to Ben, because Roxanne couldn’t be his wife again, ever. If only Jess ...

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Roxanne’s Ghost Saga

With: Maggie Tideswell   Roxanne’s Ghost Saga, a new mystery series from internationally acclaimed author Maggie Tideswell, is set against the stunningly beautiful backdrop of modern day South Africa. It is a compelling ghost story of identical twin sisters’ love for the same man, and the magical connection the women share.   And the theme?  Nothing is what it seems.   Here, we ...

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A Convenient Marriage

With: Maggie Tideswell The idea of two complete strangers getting hitched has always intrigued me, for one simple reason—why would they do such a thing? Could such a relationship succeed? By successful relationship, I understand not only the longevity of the marriage…but is it possible for the participants to actually fall in love with each other in such a strange ...

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