Grey Francis

Q&A With Grey Francis

With: Grey Francis **Giveaway Alert!** King in Chains is the second erotic paranormal romance novel in the Into the Dark Woods seriesfeaturing the vampire trio Cassandra Monteclaire, KillianMonteclaire, and Alastair St. Germaine. What’s new for the trio in this sequel to Bound to a Vampire? In the same way that Bound to a Vampire was told primarily from Cassandra’s perspective, ...

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Q & A With Grey Francis

With: Grey Francis Bound to a Vampire: Into the Dark Woods, Volume 1 Bound to a Vampire is an erotic paranormal romance that takes place in both modern-day New York and 17th century Europe. What inspired you to write a vampire novel set in those times and places? I wanted to set my novel in the present and ...

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