Asa Maria Bradley

Who are your favorite Vikings?

With: Asa Maria Bradley **Giveaway Alert!**   I am delighted to join you today to chat about one of my favorite things: Vikings! Being born and raised in Sweden, I was introduced to Norse mythology through childhood picture books. I loved the stories of Odin and Freya and the other gods who lived in Asgard. And later on, my seventh ...

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Viking Warrior Rising

With: Asa Maria Bradley **Giveaway!** This November Asa Maria Bradley releases the first in her exciting new Viking Warriors series, Viking Warrior Rising! To celebrate, Asa’s here to play a game of Marry, Kiss, Kill with three names we provided. For this round we gave her Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans. So many Chrises, so little time! I’d ...

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