Blogging Guidelines

JUST PARANORMAL ROMANCE is a place for authors and readers to unite in their love of the genre. You are not required to blog about paranormal romance, but remember that it is the context of this site. As such, blogging is reserved for paranormal romance authors only. If you see a day available on the blog schedule and you would like it, please contact to request the date.

There are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

1.) Blogs can be emailed to in any format (Word, RTF, pasted in email…)

2.) Please have blogs emailed in at least 5 days in advance.
3.) No excessively long book excerpts included in the blog. (max 350 words). 
4.) No sexually explicit excerpts. (Minimal adult content is permitted, but it is up to the discretion of the author as to whether they should post a warning before the excerpt). This site is not flagged for over 18.
5.) No graphic subject matter that may offend readers. 
6.) If you are offering a giveaway please specify that in the blog
7.) Giveaways will go off at midnight EST. The winner is selected by JUST PARANORMAL ROMANCE using a random number generator program. The author will be emailed the winner’s name and email address the following morning.
8.) If you are hosting a giveaway and two consecutive days are available on the calendar, we will do our best to hold those two days so that your giveaway is viewed by all time zones.

9.) Guest authors are responsible for all image rights that they supply.
10.) We kindly ask that authors request a guest appearance no more than once a month.

After scheduling your blog, please make sure you have received a calendar invitation and that you see yourself on the blog schedule.

Thank you, and happy blogging!