My Quarantine Paranormal Binging

With: Abigail Owen

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Like everyone in this new world we’re hunkering down in, I’m searching for things to do at home constantly. Reading—now’s the time to try “new to you” authors—definitely tops the list. You know what else is top of my list? Bingeing TV shows I haven’t had time for before this.

You know you’re doing it too. So I figured, let’s share. Since I’m a paranormal romance writer, you know I look for those shows first. Anything with an element of the supernatural is right up my alley. Way better if there’s a love story involved.

So…what shows have you binged recently that you would recommend I check out?

Here are my paranormal/fantasy/scifi TV show recommendations (including both new and old in case you haven’t had time or want to take this opportunity to revisit):

  • Westworld
  • The Walking Dead / Fear the Walking Dead
  • Altered Carbon
  • Stranger Things
  • Vampire Diaries
  • Supernatural
  • The Expanse
  • The 100
  • Lost in Space
  • The Originals
  • Arrow / Supergirl / The Flash
  • Charmed (both)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel
  • Wynona Earp
  • The Witcher
  • Lucifer
  • Game of Thrones

While you’re at it, I hope you’ll check out my latest release, Shift Out of Luck. Here’s a quick sneak peek. Maybe you can tell me who you’d cast in the lead roles!?


The mountain lion crouched, ready to pounce and waited for her to come closer. Tala hesitated only a fraction at the fact that he didn’t run—normally cougars didn’t take on more than one wolf, especially not two alphas, because the odds were against them and they were smart. But not this shifter.

Tail whipping behind him, he prepared to fight. Only she had no intention of fighting that way.

Still running, Tala pulled one of the sticks out of her hair. From one of the many secret compartments on her vest, she produced a tiny blow dart and slipped it in the end of her weapon.

“Tala, no!”

Although she hadn’t heard him behind or beside her, Marrok suddenly jumped between her and the cougar. She didn’t stop fast enough and slammed into his outstretched hand. Her momentum flipped her sideways, and her face connected with the trunk of a tree with a sickening crack, the wood splintering under the impact. Nausea flooded her gut and crept up her throat as stars danced in her vision, competing with a blackness determined to consumer her.

She dropped to the ground, shut her eyes and sucked in a long slow breath, fighting the wave of unconsciousness. Finally, her head stopped buzzing. Forcing her eyes to open, she found Marrok kneeling over her, his face creased in concern.

“The cougar?” she asked, her head clearing quickly. Accelerated healing was one of the best bonuses of being a wolf shifter. She levered up and got her feet under her.

“He ran off.”

“Dammit, Marrok. Why didn’t you stop him?” Her wolf growled inside her head.

“I decided my mate, who I slammed against a tree, was too important.” Real concern filled the words, but she was too focused on his actions.

She leveled a glare on him that would’ve had anyone in her own pack running for cover. “Speaking of which, why the hell did you get in my way?”

She could’ve leveled the cougar with one dart. The poison wouldn’t kill a shifter but knock him out for hours. That’s all they needed. Her wolf snarled and pushed against Tala’s control, furious they’d been thwarted.

“My mate, still in human form, was going up against an already shifted mountain lion.”

She shoved him in the chest, and irritation rose more as he didn’t budge. “Your alpha mate.”

An itching sensation in her eyes told her they’d changed as her wolf pushed harder. The metallic taste of blood dripped on her tongue as her canine teeth elongated in her mouth, and pricked lips shut tight around a multitude of expletives she held back. Pissed didn’t begin to cover it.

Marrok scowled, but before he could comment, she stalked off into the woods. It was either that or snap his neck.

Her mate followed in silence. Smart man. For once.



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  1. Thank you so much for hosting me today! Hope y’all love Shift Out of Luck? What paranormal shows are you bingeing?

  2. Supernaturals

  3. Ooo a shifter book! I love shifters! Thanks for sharing an excerpt!

    I’ve been binge watching The Originals too! A lot of gorgeous hunks on that show! I’ve also been binge watching The Masked Singer. That’s paranormal right with all those “shifters”? LOL!

  4. I definitely want to read this book. In fact, I’ve purchased both books in the series.

  5. This one sounds awesome! I really like the title. Not binge watching anything, binge reading instead!

  6. I only watched Black Sails earlier last month but then decided just either reading or watching comedian panels show, such as “Would I Lie to You” just to take my mind off the real world. Congrats on your latest book, I wish you could have book celebrations on a better circumstances. Looking forward to read it!!

    • I’ll have to give Black Sails a try. And I love comedian shows and panels. You’re right. Such a good way to escape for a bit. 🙂 Hope you love the book!