Villains Need Love Too

With: Siren Allen

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When we watch movies or read books, we always hope the hero gets the girl. We root for the hero and swoon once he and the heroine finally find their happily ever after. But, have you ever stopped to think about how the villain feels? I know… I know… the villains usually have bad attitudes and wicked ways. But surely, they weren’t born that way. There was once goodness in them. Right?

Unlike most, I’ve always rooted for the villain. We always hear the story from the hero’s side. We never give the villain a chance to explain himself. Or, herself. I think it’s time for the story to be told from the villain’s point of view. Me and nine other authors are doing just that with the Once Upon A Villain series.

We’re taking some of the most hated bad guys and girls from your favorite fairytales and giving them a second chance at a happily ever after. Will they use their second chance wisely and choose a better path? Or will they continue with their wicked ways? Find out in the Once Upon A Villain series.

My story is book 1 of the series and my villain is Gaston Dufort. You may have heard of him. He’s the villain from Beauty and the Beast. In the original tale, you only see things from Belle and Beast’s point of view. In my story, you get to see all the hardships Gaston faced and you see why he was so determined to claim Belle as his own. In my story, Gaston is given a second chance at life and love. Will he choose to let Belle go and search for his own true love? Or is he truly rotten to the core and won’t stop until he defeats the Beast and wins over Belle? Find out in, Gaston by Siren Allen.

About the book

For him, love isn’t an option.

Years ago, Gaston Dufort made a deal with a wizard. In exchange for good looks and a charming personality, he gave up the ability to fall in love. To him, love isn’t important. Love makes you weak. There’s no room for love in his life. That’s why he didn’t hesitate to give it up in order to gain something more important. Now that he’s the most handsome man in town, he wants the most beautiful woman by his side, Belle. When she chooses a beast over him, Gaston becomes enraged.

No matter how hard he tries, he’s unable to defeat the beast who stole Belle from him. However, a second chance comes to him in the form of a witch by the name of Celeste Dubois. Celeste says a spell that rewinds time and grants him another chance to claim the female he wants and defeat the beast. Unfortunately, his plans go awry when he runs into a devious witch by the name of Addasyn Grimm.

With her, comes chaos.

Addasyn Grimm is nothing like his Belle. For starters, she wants him dead. Plus, she’s a wild beauty who doesn’t follow the rules of society. Worse, she sees past his façade. She can see the real him. The side of him he hates and tries to hide from everyone. Addasyn sees it and she’s not put off by it. She prefers it over the charming, handsome side everyone else sees. But, there’s nothing gentle about Addasyn. She’s not a damsel in distress who needs him to save and protect her. Yet, Gaston finds himself wanting to do all those things for her, while all she wants to do is right the timeline and end his existence. Though he tries to fight it, he can’t help falling in love with the witch who hates him.

He only has one chance to get things right. Only one chance to live the life he’s always wanted. Will he pursue Belle and get his revenge against the Beast? Or will he break his deal with the wizard and become a beast to be with Addasyn?

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Collect all ten tales in the Once Upon A Villain series. Each tale is a standalone and this series does not have to be read in order.

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