With: D.B. Reynolds

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Shifter Planet: The Return (the 2nd book of the Shifter Planet series) is the story of Aidan Devlin, a supporting character from the first book (Shifter Planet/2015,) and Rachel Fortier, his new love interest, while also introducing a burgeoning and dangerous conflict between Earth and the rediscovered colony of Harp.

The below excerpt represents the first time the Earthborn Rachel encounters one of the deadly predators that roam Harp’s ancient forest.

“Like a hot breath against the back of her neck, she was suddenly aware that silence had fallen as deeply as the dark. Moving slowly, forcing herself to breathe despite the pounding of her heart, she set the fire pack down and flipped the safety strap off her belt knife. She slid the knife two inches free of its leather scabbard but didn’t pull it yet. Aware of every muscle in her body, and what it would take to launch herself into action if demanded, she pulled her backpack to her side and began untying the crossbow and bolts she had secured there. The bolts came first. In a pinch, if she was forced to fight in close quarters, the heavy iron bolts could serve as weapons. The bow itself was heavy enough to use as a bludgeon, but also awkward enough to require two hands.

She’d just loosed the sheath and was working on the bow when she heard the first rustle of something big moving through the trees. She glanced up but kept working. If it was big, she’d rather shoot from a distance that fight it nose to nose.

There wasn’t the slightest tremble in her fingers as she untied the final leather strap and pulled the bow free. If anything, at times like this she felt preternaturally calm, as if she’d been born to live in the wild and fight for survival. Adrenaline kicked in with a rush, making everything more clear. Her hearing was more acute, bringing into focus the soft susurration of leaves as the creature drew close. Even the shadows in the Green gained definition, painted in blacks and greys instead of a monochrome palette of darkness.

She notched first one bolt, then the second, and raised the bow, turning slightly as she tracked the animal’s progress by sound. She stepped back from the tree she’d been resting against and aimed higher. The creature was right above her, if not in her tree, then very close, jumping down through the branches with no attempt at stealth, as if completely undeterred by her presence. The realization that it didn’t fear her or her weapon gave her pause at last. If it hadn’t learned to fear humans…

She didn’t have time to finish the thought as at least three hundred pounds of something big and hairy, with a mouthful of dangerous teeth suddenly flashed through the beam of her LED, moving through the web of tree branches with a speed that belied its huge size. Without a moment’s pause, it let out a deep-throated bellow, pounding its chest so hard that she could hear the impact of every fist.

Rachel sucked in a shocked breath and regretted it almost immediately, nearly gagging on the animal’s stink. Her eyes watered as she blinked to clear them, but she didn’t need to see the creature to know she was in a fight for her life.”



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  1. interesting cover

  2. I know I’m late to the post but I had to comment! I love D.B. Reynolds so much! I absolutely LOVED the first book and when it first came out, there was no sequel at that time and I wished for world to turn into something more! I’m SO glad we have another book! Thank you for showcasing this wonderful author and her release!