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With: D.B. Reynolds Congratulations to “Bn100”, the winner in D.B.’s giveaway. Please contact JUST PARANORMAL ROMANCE to claim your prize! Shifter Planet: The Return (the 2nd book of the Shifter Planet series) is the story of Aidan Devlin, a supporting character from the first book (Shifter Planet/2015,) and Rachel Fortier, his new love interest, while also introducing a burgeoning and ...

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Villains Need Love Too

With: Siren Allen Giveaway Alert! When we watch movies or read books, we always hope the hero gets the girl. We root for the hero and swoon once he and the heroine finally find their happily ever after. But, have you ever stopped to think about how the villain feels? I know… I know… the villains usually have bad attitudes ...

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End of the Line: How to Approach the Final Book in a Series

With: Katherine McIntyre             One of the toughest things about reaching the last book in the series is the daunting task of trying to reach a satisfying conclusion. So many factors come into play—tying together character arcs, the final face off against the antagonist, and the loose plot threads all need resolution.             The most important part comes before ever ...

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