Warrior In Love

With: Sheryl Nantus

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Thanks to recent Marvel movies, most people have heard of Ragnarök… or think they do! But what’s the real story behind this Norse Armageddon?

The Norse pantheon has many gods, from the AllFather Odin to Freyja to our favorite bad boy, Loki—many of which we know from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And of course, Thor and Valkyrie herself!

According to most interpretations in Norse mythology, Ragnarök will come in a series of battles, each greater than the other, resulting in the deaths of everyone—including the Gods, and the eventual submersion of the world in water. After the water recedes, two human survivors will take on the task of rebuilding civilization.

Of course, people are more familiar with the Ragnarök brought forth in the third Thor movie, where *spoiler alert* Valhalla and Asgard are destroyed in an epic battle. And it’s where Valkyrie makes her first appearance—stealing hearts and setting the scene for her future on Earth.

I’d already begun writing the Odin’s Bastards series when Thor: Ragnarök came out and was thrilled to see Tessa Thompson bring Valkyrie to life—and she’d make one hell of a great Laila!

Warrior in Love is the last of the Odin’s Bastard’s series, and the stakes have never been higher. Laila is a broken Valkyrie, at the end of her time serving Freyja and ready to retire—until she’s asked to help stop Ragnarök. How can she refuse?

Sent down to earth, she’s going to have to maneuver through an unfamiliar world to seek out a lost Valkyrie weapon before the Fenris Wolf can take it and trigger the Norse Armageddon.

But she won’t be alone… there’s someone else on the hunt for the legendary weapon and he’s not going to step aside because she asks nicely!

Enter Trace Dyson—his entire life has been spent retrieving stolen artifacts for Interpol. A professional tomb raider, he’s good at his job and knows it. But there’s one artifact he’s never been able to find, his family’s White Whale… a walking stick belonging to an exhibit known as the Valkyrie’s Tomb. Scattered to the winds during World War Two, his grandfather and father devoted their lives to putting it back together again. Now it’s up to Trace to finish the job and he’s going to do it—no matter who and what he has to go through to make it happen!

But when he catches Laila in the act of taking a bracelet from the exhibit, he finds himself caught up in an otherworldly battle being fought on his home ground. From New York to Los Angeles to Chile, he’s going to have to face down demons and monsters, including the Fenris Wolf.

Is he up to the job?

Is she, without her Valkyrie powers?

Are they going to stop the Fenris Wolf’s plans to trigger Ragnarök… or set it off by accident?

Read the book and find out!

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