A dragon stuck in his human form. A fledgling enchantress with a saucy blog. And a decades-old love spell that might have succeeded after all.

Title: Love Spell

Author: Kristen Strassel

Series: Smoky Mountain Dragons #1

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: May 1, 2019

Sophie Whynot can’t watch another one of her friends get married or have a baby when her own prospects for love are dire. Scratch that, catastrophic. This trip to the Smoky Mountain village to stay with her Gran is a much needed reset. A chance to get her blog off the ground and to learn about the magic her grandmother practices. A chance to get to really know herself.

Tyson Drake knows exactly who he is, and it was stolen from him when Sophie’s grandmother cast a love spell on his dragon thunder half a century ago. The spell was supposed to help him find his mate, but instead, doomed him to walk the earth as a human. Not a mate in sight. And nothing he’s tried to get his fire back has worked.

But when his feelings for Sophie intensify, is he willing to take a chance on another Whynot enchantress, or will her magic be the end of him?

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About Kristen Strassel:

Kristen Strassel has always been fascinated with creatures of the night—which lead her to write rock stars and vampires. She loves unlikely pairings, second chances, and of course, happily ever afters. When she isn’t writing, Kristen works as a makeup artist for film and television. She lives near Boston.

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Nora Whynot was the world’s worst enchantress. But as Summerland’s only somewhat professional enchantress, she was still in business. Her magic had more short circuits than a burned-out motherboard and I should’ve left that yard sale the minute I saw her making the rounds at the tables.

I really should have.

Forces stronger than the old woman kept me there, and distracted me from my purpose. Now I had to tell the rest of my thunder that Nora Whynot got the best of us. Again.

“Where’s the box?” my brother Chance asked. Technically, he was older than me. According to Chance it still carried some weight, but to me, it was bullshit. In our human form, the five remaining members of the thunder presented as men in our late thirties. That perfect age where we could be trusted in a professional context, but people wondered why we didn’t have mates.

It had been so fucking long since any of us had been in our dragon form, I couldn’t remember what we looked like that way. And we had Nora Whynot to thank for being stuck as humans for the last fifty years.

Now she had the relic that could have ended the spell. Or as we’d come to think of it in the last few decades, the curse.

“Damn, I hoped just touching that fucker would be enough to make you shift.” Jax, my cousin, shook his head. “I was looking forward to a little firestorm over Summerland tonight.”

“Does it look like the photos in the grimoires?” Tanner was our historian, the one who held onto tradition, and the one who still held the most magic. But it wasn’t enough to make him shift. “Was my vision correct? If it was, I can’t believe Jerry, of all guys, had a sacred artifact in his basement. Leave it to a human to have what we needed right under our noses. What the hell else is that guy hiding?”

Even Rafe, who saw the dark side of everything, couldn’t talk shit. He’d already gotten up to unlock the glass case that held our ancient spell books.

They never considered I’d come back without the relic.

“There’s a box. And it looks exactly like it does in our grimoires.” Acid burned my tongue in anticipation of my next statement. “But it’s now in the possession of Nora Whynot.”

“Fuck.” Rafe slammed the case closed so hard it swayed, its priceless contents rattling with motion. “How did that witch fuck things up this time?”

“She had her granddaughter with her.”

“Yeah, we know, she’s hot.” Jax groaned. The thunder kept a cautious eye on Nora, in case she cast any more botched spells. So when she got a roommate who looked exactly like she had at the scene of the crime all those years ago, we noticed. “She’s got those soft curves that are dangerous because you don’t think you have to go slow. But obviously, if you’re not paying attention, she’ll run you right into a brick wall. Like she did to you today. What if she’s working with Nora to keep us from that box?”

“She’s got power.” I didn’t even know her name, but I craved the way she made electricity dance over my skin. “Thing is, I don’t think she knows it yet.”