Red Zone

With: Janet Elizabeth Henderson

Friday Jones has four days to live, before the poison she ingested kills her. Only one man can get her to the antidote on time and to do that, he has to smuggle her out of the country and through the deadliest region on earth—all, while being hunted by every cop in the country. For his efforts, he’ll get what everyone else wants—the secrets stored inside Friday’s head. But Striker, smuggler and leader of a mysterious gang of criminals, has enough secrets of his own without adding more. Secrets that could have every genetic research company in the world after him and his team. Secrets that would mean being pinned down and dissected in order to reveal them. With so much at risk, there’s only one thing that could entice him to risk his life to save Friday’s—the woman herself. 

This excerpt comes from the beginning of the book. Friday has just hired Striker to help her escape from the authorities—and that means going into a tunnel, far under the city.



They reached the bottom of the stairs, where he opened a reinforced door—twenty inches of steel. A tunnel lay behind it. It was narrow, barely wide enough to fit Striker’s shoulders, and the ceiling skimmed his head. She silently said a prayer of gratitude that she wasn’t claustrophobic.

Her mind distracted her from the small space by working on other problems. “They’ll detect the energy signature from the holo-shields. They’ll know where to look.”

“Not until they’ve chased the bike for a while.” He still held her hand tight in his. For some strange reason, Friday didn’t want him to let go. “And if they do find the shields, as soon as they open the door in the alley, the staircase will blow. They won’t find the tunnel.”

“You sound awfully confident.” And she wasn’t sure it was merited.

“We set up this escape route when we started using Glen’s dive bar as a meeting point a couple of years ago.” He glanced at her, clearly amused. “This isn’t the first time we’ve had to use it. And, if the assholes don’t blow it up, it won’t be the last. This isn’t my first rodeo, chère.”

“I don’t know what that means.”

He just laughed, which was seriously irritating.

Her life was on the line and the guy was amused.

“You know that’s rude, right? Every time I say something, you laugh.”

“Really? You’re taking issue with my manners? We’re about a hundred feet below ground, running from men with guns, and you’re annoyed with my attitude. Is it any wonder I laugh?”

She scowled at his back but vowed to keep her mouth shut. “Does this tunnel run under the border?” Drat, that vow didn’t last long.

“They monitor the earth under the wall. You can’t tunnel there.”

So where did the tunnel go? Why were they using it? How were they going to get past the wall?

There was more chuckling. “I can hear you thinking. That brain of yours never stops, does it?”

Now he was just trying to irritate her. “Do intelligent women threaten you, Striker?”

The sultry look he cast her way made her stumble. “All the damn time, bébé, but my luck’s held out, and so far, they’ve never carried through with it.”

“That’s not what I meant, and you know it.