Just What Are Those Shadows in the Mist?

With: Jeri Westerson

To me, what’s fun about writing a paranormal, is all the creatures you get to explore and illuminate. My Booke of the Hidden series is paranormal, with a little romance and a little mystery. In a nutshell; tea proprietor Kylie Strange must capture deadly creatures she’s unwittingly unleashed, while juggling the advances of an alluring and dangerous demon and the very human and handsome sheriff.

In the third installment, SHADOWS IN THE MIST, releasing in May, Kylie and her coven of misfit Wiccans are battling several dangers at once. At the end of DEADLY RISING, the second book in the series, Kylie met the demon Andras summoned by some unknown person or persons to assassinate her so they could get the supernatural Booke of the Hidden. And Andras—a flying demon with a face reminiscent of an owl—has proven himself dangerous as he swoops out of the sky in surprise attacks on Kylie when she is least expecting it. But he isn’t the only flying menace. A rival coven of bikers using black magic has summoned Baphomet, a god bent on vengeance who also wants that Booke of the Hidden for his own purposes. And let’s not forget that the Booke itself has released another creature, a ghoul who mimics the dead when it feeds off of their corpses. Kylie’s ex Jeff who came to town to try to convince her to come back to him was turned into a werewolf in the last book, and now Kylie’s got to contend with the fact that ultimately she was responsible for this happening to him because the First Werewolf came out of the Booke and she had failed to kill it in time before it infected him. And to top it off, some other unknown force has set upon the little village of Moody Bog the Draugr, zombie freaking Vikings!

It’s a test of anyone’s mettle. Fortunately, Kylie has help of her coven friends and more as the sheriff is brought into the know by witnessing firsthand the paranormal activity that has been going on around him. And though he’s attracted to Kylie this all might be a little too much even for him to accept.

You see what I mean? It’s fun bringing all these creatures into the light. I’m already used to researching things as I also write a medieval mystery series. So finding out about these various creatures has been a hoot. And then I sometimes give them a twist to fit my own narrative, something I can never do with my historicals.

So let’ take a moment to talk about the Draugr, these undead warriors of old. They are from Nordic legends spanning the icier regions of northern Europe, from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland. They were said to control the weather, make it darker in the daytime, shapeshift into a broken-backed, earless skeletal horse, or even a cat who would sit on your chest and get heavier and heavier until they suffocated their victims…but that’s just any cat, really.

But what the Draugr were truly all about was their treasure hoard. Their gold. And they plague Moody Bog in search of their missing hoard…which someone has obviously stolen from them with disastrous results. And Erasmus Dark—the Demon of the Booke, attracted to Kylie for her bravery and seeming fearlessness, even as he hungers to devour her soul—can’t seem to stop their inexorable and deadly shamble through the village. Talk about your complicated relationships.

You can see more about the novel at my website BookeoftheHidden.com or watch the series video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI5d1tFsBYM