Dreams or Reality? Is Fate Lending a Hand?

With: Abigail Owen

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Don’t you love it when characters from one book get their own HEA? The question is, will Aidan and Sera get theirs in The Rookie? The rookie of the dragon shifter enforcer team, and the human friend of his alpha’s mate met in The Boss, and immediately we could see that their relationship was something both resisted.


“Sera?” Aidan appeared at the door, the others behind him. “I’ll take you home.”

Sera flicked Delaney a glance that seemed to have a question in it. Was she afraid to be alone with Aidan? Why? She didn’t know what he was.

Meanwhile, Aidan made a face. “I meant with Kanta and Blake, of course,” he clarified stiffly.

What was the deal? While Aidan tended toward the serious, she’d never seen him bumble his words like that.

Except Aidan is always there for Sera when she needs him. And neither can deny the chemistry that sizzles anytime they are near each other. With all that resistance, maybe the only way destined mates can allow themselves to connect is in dreams, maybe even from before they met.


Then she focused on him with an expression that gave nothing away. “That leaves you.”

“Yes,” Aidan confirmed.

“Or someone from his family,” Titus corrected.

Her gaze slid back to Aidan and he could practically see the neurons firing. She gave her head a little shake, then pressed her lips together and did it again.

She’s going to say no?

Only, he couldn’t let her. “The dreams.” The most important proof tumbled out of his mouth and he watched her for any hint of reaction.

Immediately the pulse at the base of her throat took off, the thud of her heart loud enough that they all caught it, even as she kept her expression closed. “Dreams?”

Please let them be real. Because if that Sera had been real, if all that—shared moments of intimacy, whispered conversations, moments of laughter and support, and so much more—was real, then he was already more than half in love with her. Hell, he’d give up everything—every single goal and ambition—to keep her in his life.

“What are you talking about?” Hall asked, straightening, growing more serious.

Aidan ignored him, his entire focus on the woman clenching the arms of her chair like it might take off into space at any second.

“They were real,” he said.

In answer, Sera jumped to her feet and walked out of the room and out the door, the screen creaking on its hinges before it hit with a bang.

Shock planted Aidan’s feet to the floor like his shoes had grown roots. She’d left. Left him, walked out on what he was saying. She’d fully comprehended the importance, so this had to be, what? Rejection?

“Hey, dumbass,” Hall cut in.

Aidan slowly looked over.

He hitched a thumb toward the door. “Go after her.”


To escape exile, Aidan Paytah has had to prove himself worthy. Every second of every damn day. He fought with everything he had to earn his precarious place on the Huracán team of dragon shifter enforcers. He can’t fail or afford distractions, no matter how temptingly sweet. Total loyalty to the clans and dedication to his team is the only way.

Sera Morrison lost her parents and her husband in short order, leaving her a single mother running her family winery alone. Nothing could ever have prepared her for the discovery that she’s a destined dragon mate. But once she finds out, there’s only one man she wants—the one who walks away.

However, the Alliance Council has its own agenda. They want to use her as a political pawn and force a mating that could ultimately kill her to save the High King. Aidan has no choice but to kidnap her, even if it means their close proximity reinforces their own mating bond. And mating with him could end up being a far worse fate for Sera….

Each book in the Fire’s Edge series is STANDALONE:
* The Mate (prequel)
* The Boss
* The Rookie



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