A Reimagining of the Age-Old Slayer/Vampyre Saga

With: Rebecca Hefner

Hi lovely readers!  Thanks so much for having me on your site today.  As a huge romance and paranormal romance fan, I’ve always been a voracious reader.  From a very young age, I would sneak into my mother’s bedroom and raid her bookshelf.  There I found thick paperbacks with yellowed pages that contained amazing stories filled with headstrong heroines and beautiful happy endings.  To say I was hooked on romance would be an understatement.

            Several years later, I also discovered fantasy.  I fell in love with Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and eventually Game of Thrones.  What a magnificent feeling to be whisked away to another world where my problems didn’t exist for a few hours.  The female characters were still so tough (I’m talking to you Princess Leia) and the male leads were so sexy and confident.

            About a decade ago, a story began to materialize in my head.  Characters appeared, in the form of Miranda and Sathan, the heroine and hero of my first book, The End of Hatred.  I thought about my love of Buffy, from all those years ago, and how she always ended up with a vampire, even though her main purpose on Earth was to slay them all.  And I thought:  what if I could write a new story about Slayers and Vampyres?  One that combined my love of fantasy with my love of a romance novel and HEA?

            Late one night, I sat at my computer to inscribe the visions in my mind and the Etherya’s Earth series was born.  In these stories, a new Earth was populated by the goddess Etherya.  She created Slayers and Vampyres to be dependent upon each other.  Vampyres needed Slayer blood to survive and offered the protection of their hulking bodies and massive army in return.  What would happen if that balance was thrown into chaos, with each species betraying the other?

            This is where The End of Hatred begins.  After a thousand-year war, can species that once lived in peace, and now fight each other endlessly, learn to repair the rift?  And how do our hero and heroine navigate this with the added obstacle of their unwanted attraction?

            I hope you will enjoy the series and the characters as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Miranda is a kick-ass Slayer princess and Sathan is a sexy-as-sin Vampyre.  Their dialogue and chemistry seems to jump off the page!  Here’s hoping you catch all the *feels* as you take the journey with them.  Happy reading!

The End of Hatred is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited HERE

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  1. I have read all 3 of Rebecca’s books in this series and cannot wait for the 4th one to come out in May!!! Hoping to see more writing from this creative author!