Hardest Fall

With: Juliette Cross

Thank you so much for having me today. My new release Hardest Fall is a paranormal romance set to the backdrop of a war between angels and demons on earth. Amidst the mayhem, a great many demons prefer to party their lives away rather than worry about grandiose problems like life and death or good and evil.

My hero Xander is a demon hunter. When injured in battle, he is taken to Bone, a former seraph who is now a weapons marker in the apocalypse. The two are suddenly thrust together to discover what one particularly heinous demon prince wants with a certain weapon he’s demanding Bone create for him. And while this romance takes place among the dangers of an apocalyptic world, there is a great deal of banter and humor to lighten the mood. The following excerpt is one example where Xander and Bone have sifted onto a London street in Shoreditch outside a demon night club. Beneath the constant bickering is a simmering attraction that I promise will boil over in the end with smokin’ hot HEA.

Thank you again to Just Paranormal Romance for sharing a sneak peek into my new release.



The beat of the eighties anthem “Back in Black” pounded from within. Apparently, Axel was keeping the electricity up in this part of the city for the benefit of his club. Electricity was in sporadic use, like everything else. It always depended on the demon in charge of the territory.

“Looks like Axel’s band is playing a show tonight,” Xander said.

I exhaled a heavy sigh. “He never changes.”

That was the truth. If Axel had the power, he’d replay the 1980s over and over. He and his tribute band continued, even in the apocalypse, to keep those long-dead, big-haired, hard-rock bands alive.

He glanced down where, apparently, we were still holding hands, then brushed his thumb over my pulse. I pulled my hand roughly from his.

“Your heart rate is up, darling. Do I make you nervous?”

“Please.” I huffed and marched toward the club’s entrance. “You do not make me nervous.”

He followed in his swaggering, unhurried gait, and I could feel his eyes on my ass. “Well, you get mine up.”

I spun, standing in a pool of light that spilled from the one lit streetlamp on the entire darkened road.

“Really? Do I make you nervous?”

A definitive shake of his head. “Just anxious.”

“Anxious about what?”

“The possibilities.”

“What possibilities?”

“Between you and me.”

“There will be no you and me.”

Laughing, he practically crooned. “Ohhh, yes. There will be. There already is.”

Hands on my hips, eyes narrowed. “What makes you think so?”

“The way you look at me.”

“And how is that, exactly?”

“The same way I look at you.” He stepped forward, gaze roaming slowly down then back up. “Covetously.”

“You’re dreaming, hunter.”

“Of you…yes. In my bed.”

“You know?” I began matter-of-factly, tilting my head to the side. “Lust is nothing more than increased blood flow, sweat gland production, and release of the neurochemical dopamine, giving the body a natural high.” I gave him a self-satisfied smile. “Not unlike what drug users experience before their next fix.”

He inched closer. “Are you saying you’re addicted to me?”

“What? No.”

“Don’t worry, love.” He dipped his head lower, bringing our mouths within inches of each other. “I’ll give you a thorough Xander-sex-fest to take care of that itch.”

“You’re incorrigible.”

“As in persistent?”

“As in hopeless.” I spun and stormed toward the club, tossing over my shoulder. “Incurable!”

“Oh, there’s a cure, all right.” He followed, chuckling. “I’ll share it with you before long.”

Even as I pretended I didn’t hear that last bit, I shivered in hopeful anticipation.

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