Warrior Nights

With: Sheryl Nantus

Second-chance romance—it’s always wonderful to see a couple reunite and pursue a life together, but why did they break up in the first place?

In Her Alpha Viking, we met Kara—a Valkyrie sent down to Earth for a purpose. But during her brief time, she indulged her more… human desires and urges, meeting Liam in a hotel bar. But she walked out one morning to continue her quest, leaving him behind.

He’s never forgotten her…



Liam wanted to say he’d forgotten how she tasted, how she felt in his arms—but he’d lied enough in his life. The wave crashed over him as he pulled her close, his hands tugging her shirt free, so he could touch her bare skin. The heady scent swamped his senses, dragging him back to the time spent together a year ago.

She wasn’t holding back, either, her hands tangling in his long hair and pulling the elastic free. He let out a growl as her nails dragged along his scalp, remembering the rough

foreplay she’d professed a liking for. But even as he fought with her for control, dueling

tongues brawling for dominance, the burning ball in the pit of his stomach flashed hot—and not in a good way.

He still didn’t know how she’d found him. That one question dampened his desire, his fear for her safety and those friends he’d made in the Ridge coiling around his need for her with a growing concern.

Liam gripped the back of her neck, trying to ignore the little gasp she let out. It still shot straight to his groin, his cock already straining against the front of his jeans. He used the last of his restraint to tug her head back and stare at her.

The need in Kara’s sky-blue eyes almost broke him, the pupils wide and unfocused as she stared at him. Her lips were swollen and wet, begging him to continue his attempted conquest. She’d fight him to the end, but they’d both get what they wanted.

What they deserved.

“We can’t do this,” Liam rasped.

Her eyes widened, turned to cold steel. “Why not?”

“Because you don’t remember who you are.” The words tasted sour. “You could be married, engaged to someone.”

She pulled her left hand free and waved it in his face. “No ring. No sign I ever wore one. And if I wasn’t a year ago, I’m not likely to be now.”

“This…” He shook his head. “This isn’t a good time. You don’t remember how you got here.” Liam licked his lips, trying to commit the last taste of her to memory.

Kara eyed him, still straddling his hips. “According to what you said, we spent a week together without any questions, without any obligations. What’s changed now?”

His pulse pounded in his ears, matched by the throbbing in his cock. “What’s changed is that we could be putting the town at risk.” Her soft hair brushed against his skin, the

mere touch now turning into a painful denial. “We need to find out how you got here. That’s got to be a priority—we can’t let our guard down by being…” He ground his teeth

together, using the pain to focus. “Distracted.”

Kara swallowed hard and shifted back onto the couch, giving him a hollow victory.

“You might have a point.” Her gaze drifted down to his crotch, a smile tugging at her lips. “I’d say I’m sorry, but we’re both trying to give up lying.”

He gave a painful chuckle. “Tell me about it.” He forced himself to stand up and go to the front window, glancing out through the curtains. “Let’s clean up, watch some television

and wind down. Tomorrow morning, we’ll head back to Marie and see if she’s got any clues as to your identity. Can’t do anything else.”

The couch springs creaked as she rose behind him. A few seconds later, water splashed in the kitchen sink and he let out a slow, strangled breath, grateful she hadn’t pursued him any further.

His self-control was already at the edge. One more minute and he’d be lost.

Liam pressed his palm against the cool glass, forcing his thoughts away from Kara and back onto the driving question—what was she doing here?

“Why don’t you see if you can find some action film for us to watch?” she called out. “Something with lots of cars and explosions.”

“I can do that.” He looked out into the darkness for one last check of the parking lot before heading for the couch. “I can definitely do that.”


Liam Wolfson, the professional assassin, is dead. His new persona, Jack Hammerson, lives in a small town in Colorado, happy helping out as many of the townsfolk as he can. It’s his way of working toward some kind of redemption for his sins. Until one night when an amnesiac woman falls into his arms, calling out his old name…

Kara remembers nothing about her previous life, only brief glimpses of an old lover and their time together… but she knows her fate is entwined with Liam’s. Then there’s the familiarity with all things Valkyrie and Valhalla. She worries she might be going crazy.

Liam has worked hard to hide all traces of his old life, but Kara rips old wounds open as their old feelings for each other come rushing back. But it’s not just Kara who’s come to town looking for answers. When mercenaries arrive looking for Liam, he’ll need Kara to remember what she’s capable of if either of them is going to survive…

Each book in the Odin’s Bastards series is STANDALONE:
* Her Alpha Viking
* Warrior Nights