Driving Cars with Shifters

With: Katherine McIntyre

            One of the last things I expected when I began to write a shifter series was the amount of times they’d be driving in cars. With shifter stories, the expectation is probably a lot of running through the woods in their wolf or bear forms, and while there’s quite a bit of that in my TribalSpirits series, the setting ended up making a significant mark on the story.After all, one of the most interesting things about writing paranormal romance is balancing the fantasy elements with modern day logic.

            So, when it comes to practical application and you set your story in central Pennsylvania? Well, apart from the state park they run through, everything is spread out in rural areas like that, so I had a choice to make. Either station all of the events in the book unreasonably close together, or have all of the characters equipped to drive. Obviously, I chose the latter. And when it came to writing book two where both the hero and heroine are car junkies, of course, their vehicles make more of an appearance than ever.

            While the situation snuck up on me in writing and developing this series, I have to say, it taught me a lesson on going with the flow. Sure, I could’ve flash-forwarded through a lot of the car rides between the characters, but when it comes to the large pack situations in shifter stories, sometimes those drives turned into the perfect chance for the hero and heroine to bond outside of prying eyes. On car drives, they could bicker, they could simmer with tension, they could have the heart to hearts they might not in a public space.

            So, all in all, even though the Tribal Spirits series may as well be renamed Driving in Cars with Shifters, those scenes ended up adding so much nuance to the story and the setting. I know for sure, the series wouldn’t be the same without them.

Forged Decisions, Tribal Spirits #2

When Finn falls for Navi, a member of the East Coast Tribe, he’ll have to choose between the pack and family who saved him and the unforgettable woman who’s made her mark.

Ever since Sierra and Dax mated, forming their alliance, Finn has been restless in his position as beta for the Red Rock pack. So, when Navi, the gorgeous, lethal member of the East Coast Tribe, conscripts him to help breakup the Landsliders’ drug-running ring, he leaps on the opportunity. As they work together, their attraction deepens to more than comrades and far more than a one-night stand. Except Navi isn’t sticking around town forever and Finn has his own responsibilities tethering him to the Red Rock pack.

When the trail to the drug ring leads them to the man who murdered Finn’s parents, Finn’s forced to confront the fears he’s buried and, in the process, the connection between him and Navi grows scorching and unforgettable. However, with an underground meth lab to bust and his parents’ murderer to take down,Finn throws his heart and soul into the fight, because he knows, even if he survives this, he’ll be forever marked by the goodbyes to follow.


About the author

Strong women. Strong words.

KatherineMcIntyre is a feisty chick with a big attitude despite her short stature. She writes stories featuring snarky women, ragtag crews, and men with bad attitudes—high chance for a passionate speech thrown into the mix. As an eternal geek and tomboy who’s always stepped to her own beat, she’s made it her mission to write stories that represent the broad spectrum of people out there, from different cultures and races to all varieties of men and women. Easily distracted by cats and sugar.





Finn had been avoiding Beaver Tavern all week.

He sat in his Challenger, tapping ash out of the window as he stared downRaven’s car in the parking lot. Sneaking around, hiding from her at every chance—he was being pure chickenshit right now. The Tavern had already flicked on the open sign for the day and ever since the night of Dax’s victory when he’d spent the night with Navi, he hadn’t wanted to face Raven. Hadn’t wanted to untangle the complicated whatever they’d been dancing around all these years. His wolf lunged inside him, demanding straightforwardness he couldn’t muster right now.

He let out a stream of smoke, glancing at the time on his car’s interface.With his next class in a half-hour, he didn’t have long enough to dive into a serious conversation with her. His throat tightened when he wheeled the car out of the lot and his tires crunched over gravel. Even as he made the justifications in his mind, he knew he hid behind excuse after excuse.

A better man would’ve never strung Raven along this long, knowing at the end of the day they would never have a future together.

Finn wasn’t a better man—hell, he wasn’t even a good man most days. The previous alpha had groomed Sierra to take the reins and not him for a reason, despite their matched skills and strength. The current alpha of the Red Rock pack maintained the unshakable moral code his people needed to hold their territory and form a united front against any challengers that might come their way. Finn threw out a whole lot of swagger, but time and time again, he crumbled.

The hickory and oak trees of Rickett’s Glen rolled by, the dense forest she’d grown up running through. Those trails beckoned to his wolf on a regular basis since he skated a little more on the wild than the others, a little too attuned to the demands of his other side. He drove this route to work daily on the way to his studio. Thank everything holy he’d carved a successful niche teaching kickboxing and MMA out here, because if he hadn’t found some outlet for his aggression, he’d be flipping tables and slinging punches every night.

After the way he’d wussed out of the discussion with Raven yet again, he needed to burn some of the nerves making him buzz. Which made the upcoming class he was teaching perfect timing.

He pulled up in front of his studio, Kelly’s Gym, and parked along the patch of beaten earth that constituted the parking lot. Finn approached the shoe box of a place he couldn’t have been prouder of, the plaster siding glowing white and the near-flat black roof within jumping distance. His place might not compare to the massive gyms in cities like Philly, but he’d thrown a lot of work over the years into turning what used to be a couple of sessions a week into a thriving business.

He loped up the steps and unlocked the door, the light stuttering on once he flipped the switch. The pale white walls of his gym interior needed a new paint job, since every imperfection glared brighter against the red and black mats lining the floor and the six drop-down punching bags. The sets of weights lining the back were stacked neatly in place—folks might call him anal retentive, but he shouldered a fair amount of personal pride in this place, which he wanted to represent as a clean, organized space.

Finn strode to the back and set the big fans on, his sole means to combat the sticky heat rolling through this sector during late summer. Once strong breezes gusted through the room, he began his own set of warm-ups, his wolf snapping at the reins a little more than normal. Not like he thought he’d be less agitated in charge—Sierra made an amazing alpha—but ever since he’d become beta of the pack, a restlessness had kept him on edge.