Ten Fantastic Facts About Immortal Desire Series

With: Scarlett West

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Ten Fantastic Facts About Immortal Desire Series

1. Relationships between humans and vampires are illegal, punishable by execution. Are there vampires that take the risk and mix with humans anyway? Of course! That’s what what Forbidden Darkness is all about.

2. Vampires are on the brink of extinction. Humans cannot be made into vampires since they lose their mind or die. So what’s left for them to do? Secretly mate with humans and kidnap the young. Immortal Desire Series was called, “Dark and hauntingly sensual” for a reason. Bahahahaha!

3. Each vampire coven has their own title. The main two covens, House of the Black Swan and House of the White Swan are at war. Vampires end up caught in a war between duty to their house, or following their desire to find an eternal mate.

4. The main setting for the series is a tiny country you’ve probably never heard of: Latvia! I chose it because I love that Dracula came from an Eastern European country, and wanted to bring a taste of old school vampire features back.

Plus, my grandmother was from there and I wanted to honor her with making the setting her home country. She’s probably rolling over in her grave because of my craziness. Lol!

5. Other books in the series take place in a variety of European countries, including Poland, Russia, Italy, and Romania. Come travel around Europe without leaving your home!

6. I love a steamy read, and write that way as well. Many of my sexiest scenes take place near or in water. The beach, a shower, near a hot tub. Watch out! Hot scenes ahead!

7. You’ve probably already gathered, but my heroes and heroines are vampires. Their enemies are vampire witches. Main characters switch between males and females.

8. My sexy vampires follow old, pagan gods of Latvia. They are like Celtic or Nordic gods, but with a Baltic twist. Will the Dievs, Mara, and Laima favor the vampires for them to find a happy ever after?

9. Emotional reads and wounded characters are my thing. I just love to see a broken, tormented hero or heroine find love after a horrible battle. 

10. And last but not least, with all the conflict going on, romance reins supreme in these hot reads. Every single book follows a male or female in their struggle to find love. Up against war, duty, and loss, these vampires are determined to find their eternal mate. And make love to them until the sheets sizzle!

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Sarma’s past has been bloody and violent— and it’s about to get much worse. She can’t accept the monster she has become, and she can’t seem to save her dying newborn son from a horrible fate. Her vampire lover, Reinis, wants to show her how beautiful it is to be immortal…but the loveliest of things can also be the cruelest

But Sarma’s past is more complicated than she thinks.

Her parents are hiding answers to questions she’s had all her life, questions that could lead to murder.

Nothing is what it appears to be. Vengeance is sweet, but true love bites.

A paranormal romance novel full of shocking twists, Darkness Born is a follow-up novella to the enchanting world of Forbidden Darkness. Readers who enjoyed A Shade of Vampire and Keystone are going to love this sexy mystery where danger is around every corner and everything is at stake. 

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  1. Melissa J Hamilton

    great with kids ,showing respect, and loyalty … hottest things any man can do

  2. Vampires are what got me into reading on a steady bases…. I used to spend my down time just playing games on the computer but a friend talked me into reading, yes here it goes… so embarrassing… Twilight…lol… I loved the first ones and got hooked… started hitting up the library for most anything with vampire romance.. that was @ 7 year’s day and now I read a little of most anything that isn’t YA or historical.

  3. Being loyal and caring for me and our families. A man who protects and loves his family is the hottest thing a man can do!

  4. The sexiest thing that a man can do to show that he cares is to do something unexpected and meaningful. It could be simple like cooking dinner and running a bath for his woman.

  5. cora bell ramborger

    When he is around her, he touches her on the hand, the arm, the back, etc. just a simple caress, nothing really sexual. he also looks at her in the eyes/face and smiles. especially if other women are around. No heavy PDA’s, he knows they will have that later, now he’s showing he respects and cares about her and desires her above others. He puts her needs and desires before others when he is in public and private. Being loyal, not lying or betraying her.

  6. If you have not started this series, I recommend it highly!

  7. Shows respect and love. Not only does the yard work and helps in her garden but also helps with housework and cooking. Give hugs or a kiss for no special reason. Gives support to her and she in return, gives back all that he has done and shown to her.

  8. Thanks everyone for stopping by! I’m loving your answers. All very attractive, important things for a man to show a woman he cares. This has been a lot of fun!