Dark Water

With: Tricia Tyler

Moss-draped oaks, skeletal cypress stumps, haunting mist, and Dark Water. Yes, I’m talking about the Louisiana bayou. A place of mystery, fascination, and intrigue. A place for the paranormal. A place where bodies disappear and are never seen again. This is home for Cajun psychic Evie Broussard. Not so for the Boston native, FBI agent Nick Garrison. But that doesn’t stop the electricity arcing between them, or the link forged, connecting the two after a serial killer takes the life of his third victim.

The clock is ticking.

But trust takes time.

Time, they don’t have.


Dark Water

Psychic Evangeline Broussard is certain nothing will ever induce her to work with law enforcement again –– until a serial killer starts using her small bayou town as his own personal hunting ground. The powdered sugar on her beignet though is being forced to work with Special Agent pain-in-the-ass, Nick Garrison, whose cynicism toward her psychic ability is matched only by his hotter-than-a-Louisiana-summer sex appeal.

Nick’s opinion of so-called psychics is carved in stone, as well as on his heart, which puts his best friend’s little cousin squarely off limits, regardless of how much the sassy, Cajun, spitfire turns him on. But when her supposed sixth sense, and a leak in the local police department, put her in the crosshairs of the killer, she’s the only one who can save them all.     



Excerpt- Takes place after Evie has ditched Nick in New Orleans.

Crooked fingers of lightening clawed their way across the sky, lighting up the night. Determined anger in every step, Nick strode down the dock toward the houseboat.

           Staying away from him was going to be a bit harder than she’d expected.   She’d known the minute she’d met him, he presented a danger to her heart and soul. Fate could sometimes be a bitch with PMS.   This was one of those times.

Her nipples tightened, brushing painfully against the threadbare white camisole she wore. Hands trembling, she reached out setting the empty bottle on the table next to her, careful to not make a sound. Most of the lights inside were off leaving the small porch in darkness. Maybe he’d think she wasn’t home.

Thunder reverberated across the bayou. She grabbed the opportunity to ease from her chair, praying the noise would cover any she might make. She melted back into the shadows, tugging hard on the hem of the denim cut-offs she wore. Fervently, she wished she’d put on something else when she came away with a handful of threads for her efforts. But dammit, she hadn’t expected him to follow her home.

The storm threatened to betray her as lightening battled overhead. Like a possum caught unaware, she froze. Her gaze tangled with his. Light flashed casting harsh forbidding shadows across the angles of his face. His cheekbones and jaw looked to be carved from granite Not so his eyes. His eyes cast blue fire, pinning her beneath the heat of their laser beam intensity. Her heart stuttered and skipped before leaping into a sprint that sent blood coursing through her at break neck speed.

Without invitation, he stepped aboard. Thunder roared, crashing fury around them. She stiffened, her flight or fight instincts kicking into high gear. She took a step back, intent on escape. Afraid to take her eyes off him, she reached behind her, blindly searching for the door handle.

Damn it all anyway. She hadn’t been raised to run from trouble.   

Stiffening her spine, she angled her chin up and moved to meet him head on.

She gripped the steel rail. Waiting as he stalked toward her.





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  1. Is this going to be a series?