Burning Bright

With: Chris Cannon


In Burning Bright, Bryn decides that arranged marriages suck. She can’t believe she’s stuck in an arranged marriage to the son of the man her mother jilted. Karma certainly has a twisted sense of humor.



She’s done playing nice. Let the fireballs fly.

Bryn is back for her senior year at the Institute for Excellence, also known as shape-shifting dragon school. She isn’t sure which is scarier, the life-force sucking dragons stalking campus or the fact that she’s officially betrothed to Jaxon, a guy who will never love her. Not that she could ever love him, either… That’s just ridiculous. Senior year should be fun. Her parents are alive, she’s finally fitting in, and she’s learning how to be a Medic. But what’s with Jaxon giving her strange looks? He runs hot and cold, and he doesn’t even have the excuse of being a hybrid fire-and-ice-breathing dragon like her. One minute they’re having a great time and the next, she wants to blast a fireball at his head. The marriage contract of doom looms over them–unless this match not made in heaven kindles a flame… The Going Down in Flames series is best enjoyed in order Reading Order: Book #1- Going Down in Flames Book #2- Bridges Burned Book #3- Trial by Fire Book #4- Fanning the Flames Book #5- Burning Bright


Bryn was one hundred pages into her book when someone knocked on her door. She’d just seen Clint and Ivy at dinner, so who did that leave? Wait, she knew the answer. She slid a bookmark between the pages and went to see what Jaxon wanted.

She opened the door and sure enough, the blight of her life stood there with a sour expression on his face…and he’d gripe if she tried to talk to him in the hallway. “Come on in.”

He entered and went to lean against the library table. “We need to talk.”

“Here I thought maybe you dropped by to play charades.”

“I’m not going to dignify that poor attempt at humor with a response.” He crossed his arms over his chest. “We should start eating our meals together in the dining hall.”

“Hell no.” She was not giving up her friends.

“I’m just as thrilled about it as you are, but people are talking about us not spending enough time together.”

“What people? And since when does a Westgate care what other people think?”

He opened his mouth to speak and then paused. “Good point, but for the sake of appearances, we should eat together a few times a week.”

This was not a conversation she wanted to have standing up. She walked over and flopped down on the couch, putting her feet up on the coffee table. “Fine. Let’s negotiate. You don’t want to eat at my table and I don’t want to eat at yours, so we should share the awkwardness on some sort of schedule.”

Jaxon came to sit in one of the winged-back chairs and pointed at her feet. “A table is not a footstool.”

“This one is,” Bryn said. “Back to the irritating topic at hand. I’ll join you for dinner on Tuesdays and you’ll join me for dinner on Thursdays.”

“Fine. We should probably eat lunch together, too.”

Nope. “Lunch is for scarfing down food before going to your next class. Let’s stick with dinner. It’s more date-like.”

“I guess you’re right. We’ll start with dinner two nights a week and see if that takes care of the issue. We still need to discuss weekends.”

She was going to regret asking this question. “What about the weekends?”

“Your grandmother and my mother spent all summer throwing us together. Did you think they’d stop just because school started?”

“Son of a bitch.” Bryn slid lower on the couch.

“Agreed. Apparently, they are bringing events to campus rather than dragging us off to other peoples’ estates. My mother claims it’s about helping to unify the student body and making them feel welcome.”

“Good to know other people will be sharing the fun.” On a positive note, at least with students from all Clans and multiple versions of hybrids, she wouldn’t stick out like she normally did at Blue events.

“So…this weekend we’re having a Homecoming Gala where we’re supposed to mingle and be seen.”

“Can we do that in jeans, because the dress code isn’t in force on the weekends?” Girls were required to wear skirts and blouses and archaic panty hose to class everyday and she relished her evening and weekend yoga pants and jeans time.

“I’m sure you know the answer to that question.”

“You’re just the bearer of all sorts of good news,” she said.

“Just sharing the joy that is our inexplicably intertwined lives.”


About the Author:

Chris Cannon is the award-winning author of the Going Down In Flames series and the Boyfriend Chronicles. She lives in Southern Illinois with her husband and various furry beasts. She believes coffee is the Elixir of Life. Most evenings after work, you can find her sucking down caffeine and writing fire-breathing paranormal adventures or snarky romantic comedies.