A New Kind of Rockstar Romance

With: Katherine McIntyre


            I’m a huge fan of the rockstar romance trope, and while the contemporary romance shelves are flooded with opportunities to read those stories, there aren’t so many on the paranormal side of things. That’s where my Discord’s Desire series came from, the idea of fae who derive energy and sustenance from passion and sex in the perfect sort of gig—a rock band. Rather than an incubus or satyr needing to hurt humans to sate their needs, they’re able to siphon off the energy of the show, and maybe take a tumble with a fan or two afterwards.

            Of course, that whole lifestyle takes a spin when Kieran, the lead singer, falls for their booking manager Liz, a human with the odd quirk of being able to not only see through their glamour but can resist their abilities. So of course, Kieran’s initially curious since she’s the one girl who’s immune to his charms, but the more time they spend together, the more they’re unable to deny the real attraction that emerges.

            So, if you’re looking for a fresh take on rockstars, this is the series for you!





In the corner, wedged into one of the back booths, Liz identified the source of the tension. A threesome of knobby-kneed skeletal fae who gave the rest a bad rap sat watching the bar. If average humans saw them, this place would be evacuated in screams, spilled drinks, and knocked-over chairs. However, glamour kept their pretty little eyes shielded. Not Liz. She’d spent years crying wolf in her foster homes, running inside because a shadow watched her from the street, or a brimstone creature approached in the woods. For Liz O’Brien, the monster under the bed was always real.

The malevolence in their stares as she locked eyes with them was the exact reason she’d hopped cities in the past, before her days of booking for Discord’s Desire. Unaware humans made for easy targets, but the nightmares crawling through the streets found her interesting, and their scrutiny was worse.

“Come here often, beautiful?” a smooth, sexy voice drawled from behind her.

Liz folded her arms over her chest before turning around and fixing Kieran with a look. The man, given the chance, would flirt with himself, so she didn’t ever take him seriously. His lips curved in a cocky smile made even more dangerous by the pointed fangs peeking out. He wore his stage clothes from the show—ripped jeans, a gray wifebeater, and a patched leather that had seen better days. Yet combined with the studs in ears, the streaked guyliner, and the labret piercing, the man oozed sex. 

“Cool it, rockstar.” She smirked, meeting his teasing eyes. “You’ve got a whole cavalcade of women who’d throw themselves at you in a heartbeat, already fallen under your spell. I’m immune to your hinky fae magic.”


Cross a satyr, a siren, and an incubus with rock and roll, and you get Discord’s Desire, a band of panty-dropping hellions whose live shows incite orgies. Of course, their booking manager, Liz O’Brien, gets saddled with the monumental task of keeping the boys in line. She’s not your average chick, resistant to glamour of the fae and fame variety, which only makes her more tempting to their lead singer, Kieran Blackmore. With his incubus charms, silken voice, and GQ looks, he could have any girl he wants—except Liz. She doesn’t do serious flings, and she’s determined to keep things professional.

However, when Kieran’s brother sends hitmen after the band, Liz discovers others with her abilities—hunters, who just declared themselves enemies of the fae. Liz leans on Kieran for support, who proves his dedication at every step. Fae mercenaries might attack post-show, but Liz has her Beretta to handle that. What terrifies her more than any monster chasing after them is how she’s falling for Kieran. Her deep feelings trigger every ‘run-away’ sensor in her foster kid handbook, and worse, with war brewing between the hunters and the fae, their love can only end in heartbreak.