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Maggie Russell—legal assistant by day, horror writer by night—gets the scare of her life when she wakes up in a strange café without any idea of how she got there. But if she tells anyone about her sleepwalking escapades, she could lose her grandmother’s house, and she’d fought so hard to keep it.


Dean Parker is a private investigator whose office is next door to Maggie’s law firm. He’s been eyeing the pretty brunette ever since she started working there, but getting involved with anyone isn’t in his game plan. When he finds out she’s been having sleeping problems, he suspects her money-grubbing cousin is involved. Instead, he discovers something worse: a ghost is living with Maggie and it appears another may be possessing her.


Dean is determined to help Maggie rid her home of the uninvited guests. He just never figured his attraction to her would be reciprocated. Keeping his distance is no longer an option, though. If he fails, Maggie could very well be possessed forever.











“I can’t believe you never told me about the attic.” Erica blew dust off a box. “Ugh.”

When Dean had called Maggie asking about the attic, she’d known her days of denying its existence were over.

“What was there to tell? I thought it was empty.” At least she’d hoped it was empty. Certainly would have made the lie easier to say. But of course it wasn’t empty. The space was packed better than a storage unit.

Thankfully, she wasn’t too tall for the low ceiling. She meandered around the boxes to the other side, as far away from the opening as possible, and sat on the dusty floor.

Erica fanned her face. “I guess heat really does rise. It’s warm up here, isn’t it? I figured it would be cold.”

Maggie breathed in relief. She’d thought the same thing. Maybe it wasn’t her fear causing her to sweat. “Me, too. Guess I didn’t need the sweatshirt.”

Dean hefted that scrumptious body of his through the opening. The muscles in his biceps strained against the sleeves of his t-shirt and the sight nearly caused her to swoon. Which was a much better reason than fainting from heat or fear.

He stood and bumped his head on the low ceiling. “Damn it.”

Erica giggled. “You’d think you would have remembered doing that the last time.”

“You’d think.” He squatted over to the middle of the room, attached the light to one of the beams, then plugged it in. “Let’s see if this works better.”

The lamp lit up the attic and brought to life the years of junk that had been hidden in the dark. It would take days to get through all the stuff. Maggie nearly groaned. Could she manage the ladder for that long? She purged the thought from her head and concentrated on the work. And Dean. He more than made up for her fear of heights. Well…almost.

Dean picked up one of the dolls from a box. “Oh my God. Lindy was right. These things are creepy.”

“They’re just dolls,” Maggie said.

“Yeah, whatever.” He put the doll back, face down.

She dusted the top of the closest box and opened it. Paper. Lots of paper. “What am I supposed to be looking for?”

“I wish I knew.” He handed over a green trash bag. “Here. If we don’t separate the junk from the questionable, we’ll never get through this mess.”

“You know, Dean. I never took you for the supernatural type,” Erica said. “Except your name is Dean, so maybe I should have. Do you have a brother named Sam?”

He scrunched his forehead. “Am I supposed to know what that means?”

“Dean Winchester. You know, from ‘Supernatural’? The television series? Although you’re not as hunky as Jensen Ackles. No offense.”

“Ignore her,” Maggie said. “She not only reads too many mystery novels, she watches too much TV.” And Erica was totally wrong about Dean. He was way hunkier than Jensen Ackles.




Stacy McKitrick fell in love with paranormal romance, decided to write her own, and found her passion in life. She used to work in accounting, now she spends her time with vampires and ghosts, and is the author of the Bitten by Love and the Ghostly Encounter series. Born in California, she currently resides in Ohio with her husband.











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