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Thank you for having me! I hope everyone is thawing out from the recent freeze most of us have been enduring. And if you live in a warm climate, then I hope you are enjoying the sunshine.

My new paranormal romance series featuring angels and demons releases today. The first book up is SEBASTIAN (Immortal Valentine 1).  I loved writing this character as he made an appearance in SHADOWS OF THE SOUL, and I couldn’t wait to give Sebastian his own story. He’s a very dark, brooding type of hero, but a perfect match for my fiery heroine, Sophie Gates, a supernatural profiler working for the archangel Gabriel.


SEBASTIAN is the first book in National Bestselling Author Angelique Armae’s Immortal Valentine series, a spin-off from The Paradisian Chro


A supernatural criminal profiler…

Sophie Gates had one New Year’s resolution…then came along Hell’s darkest bad boy, Sebastian Valentine, and her do over went out the window.

Now she has forty-eight hours to declare Sebastian a cold-blooded killer or a saintly savior. But proving his innocence isn’t easy when the task lands her on Hell’s most dangerous hit list. And being targeted by Hell’s Pit Lord might not have anything to do with the sinfully sexy Sebastian Valentine.

A fallen angel with a half-human soul and a vampire’s stone-cold heart…

Sebastian Valentine has spent centuries fighting his uncle Lucifer’s drug lords from distributing Hell’s most lethal narcotic—Crypt Candy—on earth. 

But on a cold January night, when he comes face to face with a demonic messenger—and a dead body that has his vampiric essence stamped all over it, the same residual energies needed to manufacture Crypt Candy—the tables are turned. 

Now his fate rests in the hands of an immortal human trained in angelic warfare—Sophie Gates. But putting his trust in the care of the one woman he secretly gave up half his soul to protect, places them both in the utmost danger.

Two fates entangled in the war between Heaven and Hell…

Temptation hasn’t been this sinful since the fall of Eden.


An excerpt from:

SEBASTIAN (Immortal Valentine 1)

ISBN: 978-1-942346-19-7

January 26, 2018




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Shifting focus, Sophie gazed up at Sebastian.

His stare was exactly as she’d remembered—penetrating and deep.

Damning. With a capital D.

She was so not going to survive this assignment.

With those dazzling emerald eyes, Sebastian could easily get away with a fib. But bamboozle an archangel? Probably not. Gabriel would sense if his nephew was lying.

She slid the dagger back up her sleeve. “Fine. I’ll work with him, but if I don’t clear his name in forty-eight hours, his ass goes straight to Hell.”

Gabriel lifted his chin, gave her that defiant look guardians get when they’re about to make a pack with a devil. “Agreed.”

At least she’d gotten what she’d wanted, though being considered the demon in this case wasn’t pleasant.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Sebastian said, the ungrateful beast that he was.

He hadn’t changed a bit since they’d broken up. And hearing that velvety smooth voice of his, a voice she’d spent months trying to forget, brought back all sorts of illicit memories.

Her cheeks warmed.

Sebastian huffed. He grabbed his forefinger as if checking off a list. “One: You are not handing me over to a woman, Uncle. And two: You’re not handing me over to a mad woman hell bent on killing me.”

And just like that she recalled why they hadn’t stayed together. “Are you insulting my Scholarly abilities? You do realize I’ll kill you only if necessary. Geesh, you make me sound like some sort of lunatic.” Clearing Sebastian’s name wasn’t going to be easy.

He came up to her. Pointed his finger in her direction while glaring at Gabriel. “Take note, Uncle. Your superstar profiler has already pegged me guilty. I want your word I won’t get staked in my sleep.”

She was so not as deranged as he was making her out to be. “Listen up, Fang Boy, not only doesn’t Gabriel control everything I do, but I’m way more rational than you can ever hope to be. I just gave you forty-eight hours to prove me wrong. That’s two whole nights of stress-free sleep for both the angel and vampire in you.”

Sebastian’s jaw dropped.

Sophie inched closer and fingered his chin. The feel of his five-o’clock shadow against her skin sent pricks of heat through her palm.

Innocent or not, Sebastian Valentine was damning to her soul.



National best-selling author Angelique Armae is a native New Yorker who loves all things royal, can trace her Irish roots back to the Scottish Highlands, is half Italian, and is owned by a long-haired Tuxedo feline. As a child, her favorite toy was Emerald the Witch, a small doll with green eyes, green hair and purple skin. She spends most days writing, unless her cat deems otherwise.

Miss Armae’s books and novellas have garnered numerous awards and nominations, including the Sapphire Award, P.E.A.R.L. Award and Word Weaving Award. Her books have also been featured on Midwest Book Review’s Book Watch TV. Angelique’s first novel, COME THE NIGHT, made Fictionwise’s Best of the Best list, rounding out the top five bestselling dark fantasy books of the year. Since then, her books have made Amazon’s Overall Kindle Bestsellers List (top 30), Amazon’s Hot New Release List (#1) Barnes and Noble’s NOOK list (top 10), iBooks Bestsellers List (top 50), Kobo’s Romance Bestsellers List (top 10), Kobo’s Anthology Bestsellers List (#1), Kobo’s Short Stories Bestsellers List (#1), Kobo’s Paranormal Romance Bestsellers List (#4), as well as various other bestsellers lists. Angelique is also an Amazon Top 100 Paranormal Romance Author.

Aside from writing, Angelique dabbles in digital art. She is the recipient and two-time nominee of the Dream Realm Award for best cover art.

When not working, Miss Armae enjoys traveling, learning about the ancient Celts, exploring history, and learning new languages. After studying design in London, England, Angelique returned to the States and studied history and French literature at Skidmore College.