New Year, New Alphas To Love

With: Siren Allen

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Happy 2018! It’s a new year, which means it’s time to fall in love with a new book boyfriend. My holiday paranormal romance, A Witch For Christmas, features the perfect book boyfriend. His name is Victor Wynfell. He’s an alpha by birthright, but, the title was stripped from him. However, his inner beast still has that alpha mentality and needs to be in control. Find out what happens when a troubled shifter falls hard for a sassy witch.





She’s a witch on a mission.

Tiana Cooper has made it through her Guardian trials. Now it’s time for her to receive her Guardian tattoo. First, she has to complete one final test to prove she can handle protecting any charge placed into her care. Unfortunately, the council sticks her with Victor Wynfell, a shifter who hates witches. The only thing he hates more than witches is her.

All she has to do is keep the brooding shifter safe and out of trouble for seven days and she’ll pass her test. But, luck isn’t on her side. Victor finds out she’s been appointed as his Guardian and is now hell bent on making her fail. Keeping a dangerously sexy shifter safe isn’t as easy as she thought it would be. Perhaps it’s going to take more than magic to get the job done.

He’s a shifter carrying a grudge.

Victor Wynfell has loved Tiana since they were teens. But, she chose another shifter over him, leaving him with a broken heart and wounded pride. Now that the tables are turned and she needs him, he’s determined to show her how being rejected feels. He’ll do whatever it takes to make her fail.

Even if that means getting into more fights than usual and disobeying pack rules. With his pack currently under attack, it’s easy for him to find trouble to get into. But, watching Tiana fail isn’t making him as happy as he thought it would. Realizing his carelessness is placing her in danger, he changes tactics. He’ll help her, but he wants something in return.

If she wants to pass her test, she’s going to have to play by his rules.

And his rules involve handcuffs, blindfolds and maybe a happy ever after neither of them saw coming.




His jacket had been ripped beyond recognition and his shirt was in tatters. Claw marks decorated the skin peeking through the slits in his shirt. He stood up and stared at her out of one eye. The other was swollen shut.

“Vic,” she whispered, but was unable to say anything other than that.

“It feels worse than it looks.” He gave her a crooked grin. Blood spilled from the side of his mouth.

“I need to heal you.” Tiana slowly made her way over to him.

“Heal me? I think I’m in better shape than you are. You’re moving like you’re hurt.”

“There’s always a price to pay when you seek help from Mother Nature.”

She stepped over bodies in her attempt to get to him. He did the same as he made his way over to her. They met somewhere in the middle, both wincing from the pain caused by moving the small distance that separated them.

“Your eyes,” she whispered.

“You’re trembling,” he told her.

“It’s going to take my body a while to get back up to its normal temperature.”

Vic stared around the bar. “You knocked them all out?”

Tiana pushed her hair, that had come loose, out of her face as she surveyed their surroundings. “I did.”

“At what price?”

Her eyes met his. Staring up at him made her dizzy. She swayed. Her hands gripped his shirt to keep from falling. But there was no chance of her hitting the ground. His arms had instantly wrapped around her.

Pressed against him was that last place she wanted to be. Yet, she was unable to move. She didn’t want to move. And it seemed he didn’t want her to move. Tiana cleared her throat… a nervous habit.

“Thanks, I almost fell.”

“I wouldn’t have let that happen.”

Was his voice deeper than before or was she imagining it?

“I guess I won’t be teleporting us back to the jag territory.”

“I don’t mind walking. And I don’t mind carrying you.”

Whoa. She knew she should step away. But, he felt so warm. And though this bar smelled horrible, he smelled good. Whatever cologne he wore, she needed to get a bottle of it to take home with her and spray on her pillows.

Okay, now she was thinking like a stalker. Tiana tried to step back. Not only did Vic not release her, but he tightened his arms around her. And she could’ve sworn she heard a low growl rumble through his chest.

“We should get out of here before they wake up,” she whispered.

“We should.”

That was all he said. He made no move to leave. There was that low growl again. Or was that his animal purring? How cute. Scratch that. How sexy. She’d never heard a jaguar purr. Purring aside, they really needed to leave.

Out the corner of her eye, she saw a shifter flinch. They wouldn’t remain stunned forever. She attempted to pull away again, but one couldn’t pull away from a shifter who wasn’t ready to let you go. She’d dwell on how that made her feel later.

“Seriously, Vic, they are starting…”

“Why did you help me, Tiana?”

Whoa, he called her by her name instead of witch. “Huh?”

“You used a spell you knew would make you weak. Why would you do that for me? You don’t even like me, right?”

“Right.” His grip eased up a little. “But you’re my charge,” she hurried and said. His grip eased up a little more. “Plus, you’re Colin’s cousin.” He released her.

“You’re right, we should go.”

That longing look she’d seen in his eyes moments ago was gone. Now, he looked like the pissed off jag she knew and hated. Or, did she hate him?

“Look, Vic, I don’t know what you wanted me to say,” she yelled to his retreating form.

“I want you to say you’re strong enough to walk back to Wynfell. Let’s go witch.”

So, they were back to that.



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