The Arctic Brotherhood Series

With: Jane Godman

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Hi Everyone,

It’s great to be back on the Just Paranormal Romance Blog and I have a very exciting reason for being here! I’m celebrating the release of books five and six in the Arctic Brotherhood Series… Yes, both books are being published together on November 7th.

They are the Arctic Brotherhood. They are deadly fighters, fierce protectors and loyal mates.

The series features the Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun, a team of seven Arctic werewolves, whose bond transcends the physical. Unlike other werewolves, Arctics shift by the light of the midnight sun. Allied to the Norse gods, they have sworn to defend the human world from evil.    

Although this is a series, the books can be read as stand-alones.

“The Arctic Brotherhood series—heart-pounding werewolf romances by Jane Godman that will keep you on the edge of your seat.” 




Wolf Hunter, The Arctic Brotherhood Series, Book Five

Six months ago, the Arctic Brotherhood was torn apart when a respected former member, Hendrik Rickard was murdered. Cindy Harper, Hendrik’s best friend and housekeeper, is still struggling to come to terms with his death when she feels an invisible presence watching her. Alone and frightened, she turns to the only man who can help her.

Sebastian Novak is the maverick of the Arctic Brotherhood. Infuriated at the lack of progress they have made toward defeating their sworn enemy, Chastel, Sebastian wants to go on the attack. The discovery that Cindy is being targeted, increases his fury further. Forced to deny his feelings for Cindy in the past, Sebastian is overwhelmed by the strength of his desire for her as he protects her from this new threat.

Sebastian and Cindy succumb to the intensity of the attraction between them, but their lives are thrown into turmoil by a series of unexpected events. Before they can claim the happiness they have long denied themselves, they must face the evil mastermind determined to destroy the brotherhood.


When she finally sat back, the afternoon light was fading. Hendrik had chosen this room well. The huge window overlooked the backyard with its landscaped formal gardens leading to views of the woods beyond. Cindy knew, of course, that he had built his home on this exclusive ridge known as The Heights because of that forest. A werewolf needs a place to run. Hendrik liked to spend time in those trees. They had given him the privacy he needed.

Now, for the first time, the woods seemed sinister. Had they always looked so gloomy and watchful at this time of day? That feeling of being observed sent a shiver crawling                       along the back of her neck and up into her scalp. Unnerved, she jumped to her feet and pulled the drapes across the window, shutting out the view.

When she had first moved in here, in her unlikely role as Hendrik’s housekeeper, there had been a live-in security guard. That was because of the threats Hendrik and Valetta had been receiving at that time from a rogue motorcycle gang. Over the years, Hendrik had decided he preferred his privacy and had done away with the additional protection. These days, all that stood between Cindy and an intruder was a sophisticated alarm system.

No matter how much she tried to tell herself she was letting her imagination spiral out of control, her adrenaline levels were spiking wildly. The hair on the back of her neck was standing up so sharply it hurt. Deep within the most primitive part of her brain, there was warning bell ringing. If it was playing tricks on her, it was doing a good job.

The evil eye. Surely it was just a superstition? It wasn’t possible to feel a gaze. And since there was no one else here, she must be going crazy, because the gaze she could feel was imaginary.

Breathing deeply, she got to her feet…just as invisible fingers caressed her cheek.



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Wolf Leader, The Arctic Brotherhood Series, Book Six

Their sworn enemy is dead, but the Arctic Brotherhood can’t relax. Fenrir, the Norse god of destruction is still determined to destroy the world. Vigo Durand agrees to lead the team against the most feared werewolf the world has ever known, but dark secrets from his past are threatening to catch up with him.

Amber Merova has been on the run for the last five years ago. When she meets Vigo, her werewolf mating impulse almost overwhelms her human instinct for survival. Almost. Feisty, determined, and hostile, Amber initially turns down Vigo’s offer to stay with the Brotherhood. When it looks like the men who murdered her pack have caught up with her, she has no choice but to take his offer of protection.

Both seem damaged beyond repair, but, as they work together to bring down Fenrir, they discover hidden ties that bind them together. Before they can look to the future, they must unravel the mysteries of the past.



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About the Author

JANE GODMAN writes paranormal romance for Harlequin Nocturne and SMP Romance and thrillers for Harlequin Romantic Suspense. She also self publishes her historical and gothic stories.

Jane worked in a variety of shops, bars, and offices before settling into a career as a teacher. She was born in Scotland and has lived in Germany, Wales, Malta, South Africa, and England. Home is now the Wirral, a beautiful English peninsula situated between Wales and Liverpool.      

Jane still gets the urge to travel, although these days she tends to head for a Spanish beach, or a European city that is steeped in history. Venice, Dubrovnik, and Vienna are among her favorites.

When she isn’t reading or writing romance, Jane enjoys cooking and spending time with her family. She is married to a lovely man, has two grown up children and has recently discovered the joy of becoming a grandparent.


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