There’s no such thing as the perfect hero!

With: Siren Allen


In reality, everyone has flaws. Therefore, when I create my alpha males in my stories, I make sure they’re flawed. Creating a cocky, confident hero who is also vulnerable is hard work. Here are five steps I followed to make sure the hero of my latest paranormal romance was the perfectly flawed hero his heroine needed him to be.

1 – I gave him traits all women love and then made those traits backfire on him.

In Wicked Fantasies, I made Jackson tall, strong and sexy. His mate, Tinsley, appreciates his looks, but they also make her nervous around him. He’s strong enough to protect her. Yet, his strength is also something he fears. He fears going into beast mode around her. He’s afraid he’ll make a mistake and hurt her. She reciprocates those fears, which is why she tries to stay away from him. His physical appearance and strength is a blessing and a curse.

2 – I gave him a personality his mate despises.

He’s not only confident, he’s cocky. He’s used to getting what and who he wants. However, his mate doesn’t easily fall for his charms, which puts a dent in his oversized ego. Making him feel vulnerable, which is something he’s not accustomed to.

3 – I made him financially stable… but, so is his mate.

I made him wealthy. Financially, he wants for nothing. Unfortunately, money can’t buy love. His mate isn’t impressed with his riches or the fact that he owns a business. His wealth won’t help him win her heart. In fact, it makes him appear entitled to her.

4 – I made him intelligent. This is something his mate likes.

I made him street smart and book smart. He knows how to run a business and how to handle himself when he gets in sticky situations with other supernatural creatures. This is something his mate respects. Especially, since she’s new to the supernatural world. His street smart is what helps him protect her from her enemies and leads to her seeing him as something other than a rich, cocky, playboy.

5 – I gave him a tortured past that he’s ashamed of.

Unlike his mate, he didn’t grow up with the support of a family to back him up. He didn’t grow up loved and cared for. He had to fight for everything he has. Since he’s never experienced love, he doesn’t know how to love. And when he falls hard for his mate, he doesn’t know how to handle those new and sometimes scary emotions. Which, his mate finds adorable. The fact that he’s just as nervous around her as she is around him makes her see him in a different light.

In the end, it isn’t his wealth, his looks, his strength or his confidence that gets him the girl. It’s his flaws that make him the perfectly flawed hero for her.

~About the book:~

One look was all it took.

Their eyes met and at that moment, she knew she’d have to kill him.
He’s Jackson Nolan, a playboy demon. She’s Tinsley Dubois, a demon-killing witch. Killing him should be easy. Problem is, there’s a chance he might be her mate. And every time he stares at her, she has an insane urge to show him that she can be just as wicked as he is.


Unfortunately, she doesn’t have time for that. The world is falling apart around her. To save it, she has to do what she was created to do: kill Jackson and his brothers. But, when allies become enemies, Tinsley realizes that Jackson may be the only one she can depend on.

 He’s never wanted a mate. 
And though he’s found his, his feelings hasn’t changed. He doesn’t want Tinsley as his life partner. But, he’d gladly accept her as his mistress.


Underneath him, she won’t be able to kill him and his brothers like she’s prophesied to do. Underneath him, she won’t be able to lead her squad of dark angels to his doorstep.


Underneath him, she won’t be able to utter curses that could destroy him and his inner beast. However, when he finds her all alone, bruised and battered, having her under him is the last thing on his mind. He wants to protect her, avenge her. He wants to destroy those who seek to hurt his witch. Even if it means destroying those he once called friends.


Finding a mate hadn’t been his plan. Now that he’s found her, he’s not letting her go.
Problem is, how does he convince a demon-killing witch, that he’s a demon worth loving?


It was Thursday night.
Time for a staff meeting. Jackson sat at his desk and stared at the clock. In ten minutes it would be eight p.m. And his staff would be entering the club. He stared to his left, where Tinsley was seated on the lounge chair, reading a book.
Tonight, he would introduce his mate to his extended family, Tucker, Elena, Myron and Elijah. He was nervous as hell. He wanted his staff to adore his mate, just as much as he did. He had a feeling that would take a while to happen.
He watched his mate blink back tears as she read a romance about a couple who was separated by time or something. She’d tried explaining it to him. He didn’t understand why Jaime didn’t just force Claire to remain with him.
End of story. That’s what he would’ve done had it been him and Tinsley. He wouldn’t let her leave him. That’s why he hadn’t yet taken back his wish preventing her from leaving the club.
He knew she wanted to see her family. But, her family was full of witches. Witches who hated demons. More importantly, witches who hated him and his brothers. He trusted her to return to him.
It was her family he didn’t trust. They would try to keep her from him. Then he’d have to destroy them. That was something his mate wouldn’t be able to forgive. To keep that from happening, he had to keep her from her family. For now.
Only until he found a way to convince them that he wasn’t a threat to them or the world. She looked up and caught him watching her. Smiling, she wiped the tears from her eyes. “They are so sweet. I love this book.”
“Are they sweeter than us, mate?”
“Never. No couple is sweeter than us.”
His mate knew just what to say to calm him.

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