Mythos in Paranormal Romance

With: Kerry Adrienne

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One of my favorite types of paranormal romance to read is one where there is a whole new system of rules and regulations and religion. I love it when the author sets up gods and goddesses or mythological situations to give a spine to the world they are writing in.


I’ve really loved creating the whole mythos of Deep Creek. It’s not heavy with rules and such, but there is definitely an ancestral spirit who acts somewhat like an oracle who has her own set of limited “powers” over the shifters. She starts out pretty mysterious in Waking the Bear, and by the third book in the series, Taming the Lion, we know a lot more about her. Her name is Shoshannah and she’ll play a pretty big role in the last book in the series due later. Though she’s evolved a bit since I started, I pretty much had her character figured out from the beginning. In addition to giving advice, she also dictates shifter burial and transition to the River of Stars, and helps with healing sometimes. Her motives aren’t always clear so far, but will be by the end of the series.


Another thing I’ve enjoyed working with in the Shifter Wars is the power of legend and oral tradition. The shifters—no matter which side they are on—take myth seriously, and have their own form of divining for prime dates and seasonal signs. In Pursuing the Bear, the lions attacked on solstice for a reason. Turned out it wasn’t the best day—or was it? There’s also the developing legend fulfillment for the lion twins, Marco and Mason. They are Melanistic mountain lions who’ve been foretold to bring great change to Deep Creek. Is that good or bad? It weighs on them as they make their decisions, for sure. We’ll see the culmination of that prophecy soon.


Allegory is another technic I’m in love with and the whole Shifter Wars series is an allegory for some of the things going on in our human world today. The references are light, but they are there. The whole concept of war is one I wanted to explore. In a war, there isn’t always a “bad guy” like Hitler. Sometimes, the two sides equally believe they are doing what’s best and neither are truly “evil”—they are simply trying to accomplish their goals. Communication, as usual, plays a huge role. Or miscommunication, as the case may be.


I also try to share a love of nature and respect for it in the Shifter Wars. Not so much nature worship, but more a being in tune with the seasons, the moon phases, the life cycles of things. I love to read books where the environment is so full, it almost becomes a character.


I hope you’ll enjoy the series and spot some of these things when you do. I’ve tried to do the world of Deep Creek justice, so the characters can interact with it and use it as a mirror for their joy, worries, regrets, etc.



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Kerry Adrienne


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  1. What I love about the universe is the nature of it. Although it’s very rare for me to experience, I love it when I can just sit alone to enjoy a quiet surrounding and listen to it (I prefer at night as I’m a night creature, lol). The experience can give me the feeling of peace and scare me at the same time, as my imagination tend to run away in the quiet. Go figure. 🙂

  2. The inhabitants and the differences between them.

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com

  3. Jennifer Christensen

    Good day Ms Adrienne,

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway. Our Earth/universe has so many things that I find

    truly breathtaking that it is difficult to limit myself to 1, you being the author excel at limiting yourself. I am

    no author, but I will do my best. I guess the most interesting thing I find about Earth is the give and

    take of everything on this planet, from weather, to seasons, to animals predator and prey, and people as

    well. We often see life so very black and white, but I don’t believe there is any such thing as black and

    white. On a test you can answer correctly or incorrectly but in life, is there ever truly a right answer, a

    perfectly good person, and a perfectly evil one. The most breathtaking thing in our Earth/universe is our

    imagination and creativity. Nothing truly compares to our works of art, our authors, dancers, singers, etc.

    No matter how old I get, it never fails to amaze me what the human spirit can overcome continue to

    create each new day, new year, century and I hope that I never reach the age where I can no longer

    be amazed by what we create.

    Thank you for your time, this opportunity, and happy writing!

  4. The men. Definitely the men.

  5. The different wonders of nature, the Grand Canyon, the Redwoods, all the mountain ranges and the beauty of the oceans.