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Are Angels Really Aliens or Vice Versa? 

With: Dina Rae     As a Christian and a believer in extraterrestrials, I wanted to write a novel about some kind of divine or intellectual race of beings who help humans evolve.  Are angels and aliens one in the same?    We’ve all heard about UFO sightings, alien abductions, burnt crop fields, and cattle mutilations.  Roswell, New Mexico. and ...

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Never Dare A Dragon

With: Ashlyn Chase **Giveaway Alert!**     Third in Ashlyn Chase’s light paranormal romance series featuring hot dragon shifters. No one would believe that lovely Lt. Kristine Scott of the NY Fire Department is an actual dragon, but there’s no denying the flames that ignite when she meets firefighting phoenix shifter Jayce Fierro.   One Boston Phoenix + One New ...

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With: Angelique Armae   In my latest book, HIGHLAND WOLF (Shifters of Dundaire 4), my hero is Bane MacHendrie, alpha to Scotland’s oldest shape-shifting clan. He’s a man who has made many sacrifices over the thousand plus years he’s roamed this earth, but he’s given up the most for the woman he loves, a Celtic goddess who lives in the ...

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