What is it about Werewolves?

With: Jane Godman

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I have a confession to make… I love werewolves. There. I’ve said it. But I suspect I’m safe. I think I’m among friends here at Just Paranormal Romance.

I write about many different paranormal beings. Faeries, elves, Valkyries, necromancers, the occasional vampire, the list goes on. I’m currently working on a series about rock star shifters. Beast first appeared in The Unforgettable Wolf and the individual members are now getting their own stories (yay!).

Even though this post is an introduction to a different set of characters, my giveaway is for The Unforgettable Wolf, so you have a chance to meet Beast. Believe me, they are irresistible!

I love them all, but the biggest piece of my heart belongs to the lycanthropes. I wonder why that is?

Could it be because they are smokin’ hot, alpha males who want to protect their mate from anything bad that could ever hurt her? I guess that could have something to do with it. The idea that a werewolf finds a mate and is faithful to her for life is definitely part of the appeal. Those strong, animal passions simmering below the surface even when he is in human form? Who wouldn’t want to get up close and personal with a wolf in modern day clothing?

Historically, werewolves have been portrayed as bad guys. As ferocious beasts with no control over their actions and whose only desire is to hunt and kill. Readers of paranormal romance know better. We know that the werewolf is a magical being, half-human, half wolf. The shifter side of him has all the best qualities of a wild wolf—fiercely loyal, protective, in tune with the natural world, violent, yes, but only when necessary.

In my Arctic Brotherhood series, the heroes have all the best werewolf traits. The tagline for this series is: They are deadly fighters, fierce protectors and loyal mates. But these werewolves are unique. They are not influenced by the moon. Their lives are controlled by the midnight sun. This series of six book combines Norse legend with werewolf folklore. If you like your werewolf action icy and steamy at the same time, these are the books for you!

Books One and Two of the Arctic Brotherhood series (Ice Wolf and Shadow Wolf) are available now. Books Three and Four (Storm Wolf and Wolf Slayer) will be published on July 11th and are available to pre-order.       

Ice Wolf

They are the Arctic Brotherhood.

They are deadly fighters, fierce protectors and loyal mates.

Elliott Wilder is a mild mannered Alaskan college professor. Wilder craves the things most people find boring. Seclusion. Monotony. Anonymity. But what Wilder craves most of all is the thing he can’t have… memory loss. Four hundred years ago, Wilder and the other members of the Arctic Brotherhood were captured and tortured by the leader of the Siberian werewolves. Wilder is still haunted by memories of that night, when he wasn’t able to protect his leader.

Now the Siberian wolf is on the loose and seeking revenge. Not only must Wilder lead the brotherhood, he must fight the attraction he feels toward its newest recruit, Jenny Piper. Jenny offers Wilder a glimpse of the life he can’t have. As the brotherhood races against time to save humanity from the horror their enemies unleashed on the world, Wilder must reach inside himself to find the leader the brotherhood needs and the mate Jenny craves.



At long last, the hands of the clock crawled around to five thirty. Grabbing his laptop case and keys, Wilder almost ran the short distance across to the parking lot. He had just opened his car door, almost made it into the driver’s seat, when a voice halted him.

“Professor Wilder?”

Resisting the temptation to groan, he swung around to face the speaker. Shock thrummed through him as his gaze took in the young woman who was walking across the tarmac toward him. She’s one of us. The thick, shoulder length silver-white hair and amber eyes were the giveaway, along with the lithe, muscled strength of her slender body.

“I’m Jenny Piper. I emailed you about meeting up to discuss collaboration between our departments.”

Professor J. E. Piper. He’d made a hugely sexist assumption about that email, picturing a middle-aged, balding man.

Wilder made an elaborate show of checking his watch. “You’re about three hours late.”

Her smile was unrepentant. And pretty damn irresistible. “I got caught up in something.” Just that? No apology? He got the feeling that smile meant Jenny Piper never had to apologize for much. “Can I buy you a coffee to make up for it? We can talk while we drink.”

And for the first time in forever, Wilder was tempted. Whoa. You don’t do this. You don’t do coffee with the attractive would-be colleague. Remember? “Sorry. I have plans.”

No you don’t, you lying bastard. Her eyes said it, even as her lips snapped shut. Very nice lips. Just a little fuller than he’d have expected in contrast to her slightly pointed, decidedly stubborn chin. The lower lip was a delectable cushion. It would feel like heaven to suck on that lip, or run his tongue just inside it…

“You do know you have a flat tire, right?” Her voice drew his attention back to reality. Did he imagine the hint of smugness in her tone?

He did groan then. “That just about sums up my day.”

“Look—” Jenny produced her cell phone from her bag, “—I have a friend who runs a repair shop. How about I get him to pick up your car, fix it and deliver it back here tomorrow? Then I can run you home.” That smile, the one he’d been waiting for without knowing it, dawned. “Maybe we can get the coffee to go and drink it on the way.”

“Why?” He realized he sounded suspicious to the point of paranoia. “I mean, why are you being helpful?” No. That didn’t make him sound a whole lot better.

“It’s the least I can do for messing up your schedule.”  She cast him a sidelong glance. “And we should stick together, right?”

The comment jolted him, but he didn’t know why. Had he expected her to be unaware of who she was? Or not recognize who he was? Or not mention it? Like the white hair, pale skin and golden eyes they shared were commonplace. He decided to ignore it. I won’t get into this. Not even for a girl with lips I want to make love to.

“Thanks.” He knew he sounded clumsy and formal. “It’s very kind of you.”

Within minutes, Jenny had rung her friend, arranged for him to repair Wilder’s car, and was running across to the cafeteria to get coffee. Wilder felt as if a small whirlwind had just taken control of his life.

The drive to his apartment was surprisingly easy. Because Jenny was driving, Wilder was able to watch her profile without having to make eye contact. He liked the way her eyelashes swept down over her cheek, the upward tilt to her nose and the curve of her lower lip. When his eyes strayed lower, he also liked fullness of her breasts against her striped shirt. She reminded him he was male, something he generally did his best to forget, or at least put to the back of his mind. Jenny Piper had brought it to the forefront in the most wonderful, unexpected and zipper straining way imaginable.

“So, is this something you think we can collaborate on?” Jenny asked, having outlined her proposal.

What she was suggesting was fairly straightforward. A sharing of resources and expertise. But it would involve them spending one afternoon a week together over the next semester. And Wilder wasn’t convinced regular proximity to Jenny would be good for his equilibrium. He was good at saying “no”, so the next words out of his mouth amazed him. “My schedule is fairly tight, let me see what I can do.”

“Great.” She grinned as though he’d given her a definite “yes”. He got the feeling that was because Jenny usually got her own way. “I’ll look forward to it. This is your building, right?”

In an encounter full of surprises, the thing that astonished Wilder most of all was the feeling of disappointment he felt as he watched Jenny drive away. The sense of a missed opportunity or that he wouldn’t be seeing her again. Because there was no way he was going to collaborate on her project.  



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