The Sweetest Burn

With: Jeaniene Frost


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Student turned demon killer Ivy is still coming to grips with her newfound destiny as the last Davidian—sole remaining descendant of the Biblical King David. That means she’s the only human capable of wielding her ancestor’s legendary slingshot—an ancient demon-killing weapon Ivy recently used to wipe out hundreds of hellish creatures while rescuing her adopted sister, Jasmine, from one of their dark nether realms.

However, with the slingshot’s now reduced capability of killing only one demon at a time, Ivy is more determined than ever to hone her extranormal abilities—superhuman strength, speed and theability to perceive supernatural creatures and to wield powerful hallowed objects against them—before their next attack.

But after an unexpected violent encounter with a demon and its minions on a random beach in Miami, Ivy learns that the walls separating the demonic dimension from the human world are weakening and demon attacks are getting bolder as the cracks continue to grow. Now, only one weapon is capable of stopping them and sealing the breach—the hallowed staff of Moses—a weapon so powerful that, even if Ivy is able to find and use it before the demons reach it, she likely won’t survive.

With demon hordes hot on their trail, Ivy sets out on her relic hunt with her loyal company of friends—her sister, Jasmine, and roommate Costa, both fo

rmer demon captives; Brutus, her two-ton pet gargoyle and flying guard dog; and Zach, an immortal angel and Ivy’s mentor. Accompanying them on the quest is Adrian, a ruthless but irresistible former demonic prince. Adrian’s greatest pleasure now may be to kick unholy demon ass, but as the last remaining heir of Judas, he lives with the knowledge that he is destined to betray the one person he loves more than anything else: Ivy.

Despite their feuding lineages, Adrian’s fiery passion melts Ivy’s emotional defenses every time he’s near. And though she needs him to help her find the fabled staff, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance Ivy knows she can’t afford to fall for the one man fated to betray her, no matter how sweaty he gets her. But Adrian is determined to prove Ivy wrong—to show her that their destinies can be changed and this supposedly doomed couple can still save the world…and each other.

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The Brightest Embers

Author: Jeaniene Frost

Genre: Paranormal romance

Series: A Broken Destiny Novel, #3/3

Imprint: HQN

On-sale date: July 25, 2017

Price: $15.99

Format: Trade paperback

ISBN: 9780373789429

You can run from your destiny, but you can’t hide…

Ivy thought that she and Adrian had conquered their fates. Yet with thousands of innocents still trapped in the demon realms, she’s determined to locate the final hallowed weapon and harness its unparalleled power to free them. But the last relic nearly put Ivy in the grave—there’s probably no coming back from this one.

Adrian’s dark lineage has made him the most powerful of his kind, yet even his incredible abilities might not be enough now. Instead, the treacherous fate he has fought so hard to escape might be the only way he can save Ivy. Their scintillating bond has been tested before, but never with so much on the line. Now fate will come head-to-head against true love, and nothing they’ve endured can prepare Ivy and Adrian for the unthinkable choices they’ll face…

Don’t miss the earth-shattering conclusion to New York Times bestselling author Jeaniene Frost’s Broken Destiny series.

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