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Deep Creek

With: Kerry Adrienne   Saving His Wolf is set in the world of my Shifter Wars series, but it’s a standalone novella. Deep Creek, a park with forests, mountains, and rivers, is the setting for all the books and in Saving His Wolf, I explore the shifter relationships from a different angle.   In Deep Creek, there are many types ...

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Female Vampire – Paranormal Girl Power

With: Kate Hill   In the past, female vampires were often portrayed as victims. Dracula’s brides were under his control. Usually they appeared as feral creatures who attacked at his command and cowered when faced with his anger. Similarly, the female vampires in Dark Shadows (1991) and Count Yorga, Vampire were also victims and controlled by the male vampire who ...

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When Danger Bites

With: Heather Long   When Danger Bites, Bravo Team WOLF Book 1, introduces the wolves of Bravo Team and Kaitlyn Amador, the corporal suddenly assigned to their team. Though I envisioned it as the first book, as I wrote it, I began to wonder if I should have made it later in the series in part because I had so ...

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