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This is Nancy Segovia, author and coordinator of the box set Love Potion #9: 14 Parnormal Romances. Today, I think I want to talk about what it is like to coordinate a box set, the problems you might experience, the work involved, and the possible rewards you may receive.

First, working with 14 or 15 different creative authors can be a lot of fun and a very rewarding experience in and of itself. However, at times it can also be a little bit like herding cats when trying to get submissions in on time and other tasks completed on time. I was very lucky with this group of authors and everyone turned their work in on time. You will also find that, like cats, there are some very energetic authors who are willing to work hard, and there are others who simply turn in their work and not really do much of anything else except lay around and reap the benefits of others’ hard work.

That is why, when picking authors to participate in a box set you need to look at two things their fan base or newsletter subscription base and their overall work ethic. You may have an author with a great fan base but one who really doesn’t want to work, while you have another with a very small fan base but who is a real go-getter. Personally, I will pick the enterprising author over the one with the large fan base because it doesn’t help the group if that author never contacts his/her fans.

Another thing to consider is what your target is going to be. Are you trying to make a list, i.e. USA Today or NY Times or Amazon Best Seller or are you seeking a steadier income stream. Those decisions should be made up front before inviting authors to join your group. They can be made afterwards, but the group cannot always reach a consensus and this can cause hard feelings later on.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I did not know any of this when I chose my authors for Love Potion #9: 14 Paranormal Romances Box set. I simply chose authors, in my field, whose work I liked reading and sent them an invite. Almost everyone accepted, and I was thrilled. I didn’t charge a huge entry fee so are advertising purchases have been carefully selected to give us as much exposure as possible over the longest period of time. We are hoping to make Amazon’s Best Seller List, and by the way sales are going, I think we are going to make it.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the ins and outs of coordinating a box set, and if you have any more questions, you can reach me at Just sign up for my newsletter and I will answer your questions there.

Smiles to you all, Nancy

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This collection of paranormal romance stories, novellas, and full-length novels has something to satisfy everyone. For those that like just a little spice to those that like it steaming hot, our 15 authors have collaborated to bring you the best in paranormal romance. This enormous box set offers the reader a taste of everything. You will get hours of entertainment, novelty and enjoyment all the while knowing that there will be a satisfying Happily Ever After ending to each story. No cliffhangers and no partial novels here, just spellbinding stories you can really sink your fangs… Er, teeth into.

Love’s Long Shadow by Ciara Knight
Sammy Lorre was cast from Heaven for conduct unbecoming an angel. Living in a demon-infested small town with no memory of her previous life, she faces never-ending purgatory until Boon saunters into her life with a promise of angelic love. But is he an angel from Heaven or a minion from the underworld preying on her human emotions? To discover his true identity, she must risk eternal damnation and her heart.

The Owl and the Pussycat by Nancy Segovia
Cats and birds cannot mate everyone knows that. However, Ophelia and Caesar prove them wrong, and the only question that remains is which will come first the kitten or the egg?

Moon Dance by Athena Grayson
Two outcasts defy the traditions of the Otherworld to find an unlikely love in the tumultuous early 1970’s amid second-wave feminism and the rebellious rock music club scene.

Sometimes Thorns are all Black by Danielle DeVor
A new re-telling of Sleeping Beauty with a splash of vampires, magic, and a hint of terror. Will the princess be saved? Will the bat brooch save the day?

Dark Warrior by Denna Holm
Jada is a lifelong avid bow hunter. Hunting takes on a whole new meaning when she becomes the hunted!

Secret Heart of Lacie Blade by Diane J Reed
What happens when an ex-con mom uses tactics she learned in prison to help the principal of a run-down school raise cash for the PTA? Pure magic—and a romance that breaks all the rules . . .

The Misplaced by Jody A Kessler
Crabby antisocial ghost hunter, Chris Abeyta has more ghosts than he can handle, an astral projecting witch and a possible love interest, and a smart-ass spirit guide. What could possibly go wrong?

Wolf at the Door by Melissa Robitille
Billionaire werewolf Manfred O’Malley and Nadia Yevenko – mermaid and realtor; separated by prison and lies, thrown together by their son. Will vengeance keep them separated forever?

The Long Sleep by Phil Hore
When a werewolf discovers an ancient Japanese demon murdering the staff of an estate, can he save himself and the soul of a mysterious girl trapped there? Set in LA just after WW2, it appears that some horrors from the war may have been brought home in this latest Amun Galeas & Sebastian Vulk supernatural/historical adventure!

The Exquisite & Immaculate Grace of Carmen Espinoza by Rebecca Taylor

Through the Window Pain: Pleasure & Passion by Rosalie Redd
Despite her independent nature, when Celia’s biological clock strikes she must take a trip to The Windows to find a suitable male or risk losing her sanity. Mason has had his eye on the hardened Celia for quite some time, and when they are thrust together at The Windows, what he desires most is within his grasp if he can break down her defenses and show her the true passion in his heart.

Lunacy by Shawna Romkey
Detention, homework, werewolf slaying… what’s your Monday look like?

Only the Fallen by Tmonique Stephens
Banned from Heaven.
Escaped from Hell.
They are UnHallowed.

Embracing Darkness by Yelena Casale & Tina Moss
When fallen angels and demons collide, Zoey and Rafe must put their faith in each other, not by running from the night, but by embracing darkness.