The Romantic Notion of Reincarnation

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I want to talk a little bit about reincarnation. It’s the main premise in my paranormal romance/romantic suspense novel Just Like Gravity.Final Gravity Front (3)

Just Like Gravity started out as a simple little romance, but the adventure of writing it turned out to be a life-altering experience. Writing fiction is a dream I’ve had since forever and that part was wonderful. The real earth-shaking, mind-blowing, things-will-never-be-the-same revelations grew organically from that desire.

Here’s the thing: I’m a little weird. I use tarot cards to develop characters and plot so I pulled out the deck I keep specifically for that purpose, spread the cards. My protagonist, Anna, told me there was more to her story than a simple romance. Yes, she was all for meeting a tall, handsome Scotsman (Knight of Wands.)

 “I’ve met him before,” she said. “ I’ve loved and lost him before. I don’t want to do it again, but I don’t know how to stop it.”

As we say here in the South—Well, bless her heart!

The more cards I flipped, the more I realized that to tell her story, I would need to dig into her past—not just Anna’s past, but the past lives she and her lover had lived. So Just Like Gravity turned into three books in one—two past lives during which Anna loved and lost and the present day story which finds her in danger of losing again.

Did I do it well? Hmm—that is a matter of debate. JLG is my first book, so I made a lot of rookie mistakes. Not fatal flaws, just little tweaks I wish I had known enough to make. I still think it’s a pretty good read, but you’ll have to decide for yourself.

The life-altering bit came about while I was researching past life regressions. I searched out a reputable hypnotist and, after a bit of preparation, let her hypnotize me and take me back to a former life. I went in as a skeptic who wanted to believe—determined not to be fooled, but open to the experience.

Long story short—the regression worked and I learned things I never imagined—and I have a pretty good imagination.  If you want to read more about hypnosis, check out my blog post

One of these days, I’ll write the story this regression revealed. Even three years after the experience, I continuously find new meaning in what I learned that afternoon. The overriding idea I got was an expanded concept of what life really is. Imagine that you are immortal and that you have all of eternity to live and learn and love. How would that reality change your actions? Not something you can answer in a paragraph, is it?

So when you read Just Like Gravity, you will be reading a bit about my own journey as well as Anna’s.

Final Gravity Front (3)Here’s a little taste of how I put the experience to work in JLG.


“You have another reason to be in Scotland.” The pressure of his hand increased and he moved his thumb in a gentle massage on my arm. “Besides spending time with yer daughter.”

The prickling in my breasts was nearly unbearable, undoubtedly misfiring nerves brought on by some hormonal imbalance. Of course, I had another reason to be in Scotland. But I hadn’t told anybody about that.

“What possible other purpose could I have to come to this dreary, boggy place?”

He turned toward me. Velvet darkness shrouded his features but the outline of his head and shoulders was black against the streetlight’s glow. “To meet me, of course.”

I stopped breathing. I’d seen this before. The hissing voice of my nightmares whispered in my ear, rustling like dead leaves across a stone floor. Terror coiled in my belly. I froze.

You died here.

He killed you here.


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  1. What a fascinating premise for the story. I like the idea of past lives and having a chance to find your true love again. Sounds like a good read that I’ll be adding to my list of books to check out.

    Goldgirl149 at hotmail dot com

  2. Sorchia, To answer your question of “Did I do it well?” Yes, yes you did! I’ve almost finished reading “Just Like Gravity” and am both delighted by the depth of the story and stunned by the beauty of your writing. Can’t wait to finish so I can review–and so I can find out if the past is resolved by the end of the story! Just for the record, I think reincarnation can be the most romantic premise of all.

    • Thank you so much, Laura. I am honored that you plan to review–and over the moon that you like it! After I finish my current WorkInProgress, I may revisit reincarnation as a starting point. I don’t think I’ve worked it out of my system 🙂

  3. Oh this one sounds intriquing!! I can’t wait to read it, hope I win.

  4. sounds interesting

  5. This sounds really intriguing—especially when you got yourself hypnotized for research! Weaving the threads of past lives and the present until it all comes together in the end is wonderful especially when done well. The thought of having gone through the heartache of losing someone—the same person, even—several times in the past is awfully heart-wrenching.

  6. You got me hooked as soon as I saw the word “Scotland” and “Scotman”. Plus, the premises sounds interesting! Adding this title to my PNR TBR. 🙂
    puspitorinid AT yahoo DOT com

  7. Love the idea that Anna told you there was more to the story than a simple romance!! And with a Scot, no less!!

    ahui89 at hotmail dot com

  8. Sounds like a fun read, I wouldn’t mind checking it out!!

    thebigbluewall77 (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. It was certainly fun to write and I hope that translates to a fun read. The two main characters have some pretty funny conversations. I think drama works best if there is lots of humor along the way. Thanks for commenting. I hope you do check it out and enjoy it.