The Good, the Bad, and the Supernatural


With: Jennifer St. Giles

Congratulations to Brooke B. and Bn100, the winners in Jennifer’s giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

kaylees justiceFirst, I would like to thank those who do all of the hard work that make sites like Just Paranormal Romance possible. Then I would like to thank all of the readers out there who make my love of storytelling so rewarding. I love story so much that I write different genres under three different names, Jennifer St. Giles, Jennifer Saints, and JL Saint. I jokingly tell folks that I don’t develop split personalities, I get pseudonyms. Yet, in all of my stories, from historical to contemporary, from sensual to crime thriller, from paranormal to military, there is one underlying theme—how goodness, courage, hope, and love can conquer all obstacles and all evils.

We live in a broken world where evil finds purchase in lost souls. Their choices and acts harm others and must be stopped. This is where the good, the bad, and the supernatural come into play, at least in my mind, or lol books. I believe there is a battle between good and evil on earth and in the spirit world. I believe the human heart hopes for and believes in powers beyond our “natural” world. This supernatural “power” we feel in our spirit empowers our fight for good. From Star Wars to Firefly to Hunger Games to Indiana Jones to the Avengers, the fight for good wages on through the courageous hearts of a few who fight for the many.

In Kaylee’s Justice, the first book in my Exposed Series, I introduce True Crime Writer Eva St. Claire and her siblings, Iris and Devin. Each of them is blessed/cursed with a paranormal gift they secretly use to fight the many faces of evil in their world. Their path for justice puts them on a collision course with FBI Agent Adam Frasier. In Case File 1, Eva’s desire to remain secret and Adam’s hunt for the truth gets put on hold as they join forces to stop a serial killer determined to kill them.



Eva is an empath. She has visions of the murders at crime scenes. Iris is telepathic and Devin has visionkaylees justices of the future. My question today is what paranormal gift would you choose to have and why? Comment here to win a free digital edition of Kaylee’s Justice. I will be giving away two copies.


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This book offers a unique perspective on werewolves and the battle between good and evil being waged on earth and in the spirit world.


Happy Reading, Jennifer St. Giles/ Jennifer Saints? JL Saint



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  2. Kaylee’s Justice sounds like a great read! I would like to be a mind reader, so I could know people’s true thoughts & intentions. Though I would like the option of being able to ‘block’ it when I want to.

    • Hey Brooke. LOL I am with you on having the choice of reading a person’s mind or not. Eva’s sister Iris is telepathic and can choose to invade or not/
      Great to hear from you

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