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Footfalls sounded behind me, and I turned to find Inspector Lonescu striding closer. The morning sun caught in his blond hair as it swept across his shoulders in the breeze, and a slight shadow of scruff darkened his square jaw. His eyes seemed miles away, lost, haunted by something. It made me wonder what kind of secrets an inspector kept that weighed so heavily on him. I could relate, since I could never tell a soul about being a moonwulf.

He slid on a fitted black jacket, which matched his tailored pants. His trousers hugged all the right parts. I looked up as he glanced my way with a smirk. He’d caught me staring. Damn.

From the moment I’d spotted him across the station, my insides had been fluttering into a kind of hysteria I’d never felt for anyone. Not even Enre, my last boyfriend from the pack, had this effect on me. Enre was crazy-handsome with his dark hair and bad-boy style, but my body had never reacted this way before. Not once in the time we’d been together. I couldn’t explain it, but being near Connell this way made something inside my chest ache—but a good kind of ache.

Connell unlocked the car with a click, and Anton opened the back door for me. “After you.”

Lowering my head, I climbed in, and Anton shut the door. Wow … The car was massive inside.

The two men outside were in a whispered discussion. Curiosity itched at me. I listened.

“I’m warning you, Anton. Don’t push me.”
“This was my case from early this morning.”
“Bullshit. If this is related to my animal kidnapping case, then it falls under my jurisdiction.”
Anton huffed and rounded the back of the car. So obviously, these two weren’t best buddies. But if they both intended to help track down the cubs, who was I to complain? Anton climbed into the back seat beside me, and the car rocked slightly as he thumped the door shut. His woody cologne was cloying in my throat. I offered him a puzzled look, but he seemed to ignore me. Fiddling with the window, I rolled it down a crack for fresh air.


Cloaked 3D Cloaked

Raised by an overly protective wulfkin pack, Daciana leaps at the chance to venture into the human world for her one-year independence ritual. But after someone steals the endangered bear cubs she’s been assigned to protect, she must locate them or lose her job and return home in disgrace. The sexy inspector on the case isn’t making this any easier. He knows nothing of her kind, and wulfkin rules forbid relationships with humans.

Newly divorced Inspector Connell Lonescu trusts no one but himself. He’s convinced relationships are a waste of time and thinks burying himself in work will ease the pain. Yet he’s attracted to the gorgeous and mysterious Daciana, even if there’s something slightly odd about her. Can Connell learn to trust the sexy but secretive woman? 


Cloaked is the prequel to Cloaked in Fur, book 1 in The Wulfkin Legacy Series. Find out how Daciana and Connell fell in love and set in motion the paramount events that forever change their lives and those around them.


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Publisher: Crimson Romance


Coming Soon

Cloaked in Secrecy (Book #2) – March 2016

Cloaked in Blood (Book #3) – May 2016

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About The Author

T.F. Walsh emigrated from Romania to Australia at the age of eight and now lives in a regional city south of Sydney with her husband. Growing up hearing dark fairytales, she’s always had a passion for reading and writing horror, paranormal romance, urban fantasy and young adult stories. She balances all the dark with light fluffy stuff like baking and traveling.


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Publisher: Crimson Romance


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