Poetic License


With: Denise Jeffries

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When I first started writing I wasn’t a hundred percent sure what poetic license meant. I would research towns and places, people and animals to make sure I got the facts correct. Words can’t express how excited I was when poetic license was explained to me and I finally realized I could actually make some of this up.

A man witndenisejeffies2esses a crime, runs down the street and in the process, he pulls his tie off, rips his jacket open and tugs off his eye glasses. A second later he jumps up and is flying through the sky. Yes, you guessed it… Superman to save the day. Now picture this. That same man, six foot four inches tall, ripped with muscles and has eyes so dark and piercing you get dizzy staring at him. He sniffs the air and recognizes the scent of fear and the taste of anger. Something stirs in the pit of his stomach. He takes off into a dead run and as he jumps up and leaps through the air, his clothing rips to shreds as his muscles ripple and bulk, bones break and reform. However, this time when his feet hit the ground he’s on all fours and he is as fearless as any animal can be. He is the alpha of is pack. He’s a werewolf. Or maybe a vamp and he flies away as a bat or with his cape bellowing in the air.


Just like superman, my paranormal characters also have their own kryptonite and super power. My vampire is a registered nurse and a day walker. Not too sure which is her super power. My firefighters are werewolves and somewhere along the line there are shape shifting big ass cats that will do anything to protect their own.


From mythical creatures to modern day werewolves, if I want shape shifting cats, wolves, birds or even turkeys it’s okay for my muse to have a wonderful time at it. So with this in mind, I must ask you a few questions.


What makes you love paranormal romance? Is it the mystery of it? The power of the characters? Or is it the sometimes darkness of the story?

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Denver Hamilton’s secrets have never been revealed to anyone… any human that is. She made sure of it, changing her life as it was warranted. Decades have passed and what she thought was a final stop is about to change. Everything she’s lived for, everything she’s hidden will come to light and all because of the day he came into her life.

Reed was on the trail of a serial killer. He didn’t know he was the prey. He has never trusted anyone with the secrets he held within, especially not one of them. But now, his life depends on him trusting someone. Her.

They aren’t even supposed to exist, but they do. Few and sparsely hidden, they will have to fight if they want to survive. The danger they’d been running from has closed in and has pitched two ill fitted lovers together. As the tables turn they will have to decide if what they feel for each other is enough for survival or will it destroy them both, as the hunted become the hunters.



    “What the hell!” Denver blinked back to reality but not fast enough before Mr. John Doe’s hand shot up and clamped around her throat.
    So much for the coma. Instinctively her fingers curled around his wrist, tightened, but she didn’t exert any pressure. Confusion and fear lit his eyes, shining like the full moon, or was it anger. It shimmered across her skin like a blast of cold windy air when someone opens a door in the dead of winter. She stared back as she patted the back of his hand. Energy sizzled through her fingers and up her arm. She forced herself to not snatch her hand back, but continued to caress his skin.
    “Where?” His voice sounded dry and strained. He tightened his grip as he sucked in a breath of air. “Are they?” Throwing his legs over the side of the bed, he stood and back walked her to the wall.
    “Not here.” Denver tried to soothe but it didn’t work. His hand squeezed tighter, cutting off what little air she reserved in her lungs. Okay, now would be a good time to get this man off me. “Listen buddy,” Denver coughed, “It’s all right. Nobody here’s going to hurt you. Let me go.”
    “Why?” His voice sounded stronger than it did a second ago.
    She could make him, would make him in another second if he didn’t release her. Denver curled her lips up into an ominous snarl and grunted a laugh. Being mindful of his injuries, yet ignoring his grunt of pain, she pivoted. Her body changed positions so fast in the blink of an eye she had released his hand from her neck, pinned him against the wall and had her face an inch from his.
    “Because–” she knew her eyes flared red, then instantly went back to brown just as she curled back her lips to show the points of her fangs descending from her gums. “–I said so.”

    “Aw hell.”


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  1. I love the power dominant strength kill or be kill attitude. I love their height skills and way they love their woman. When you read paranormal the characters can be anyone or anything. I wish want more interracial paranormal more black woman heroine mate with non-black man. I need more of those stories.

  2. the characters

  3. The darkness paired with the mystery that would be me. Love a good dark mystery. Romance is ok but not essential.