Lions and tigers and bears… oh my!


With: Denise Jeffries

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Lions and tigers and bears… oh my! 

Several years ago I attended a leadership conference at my place of employment.  One of the speakers asked us to go around the room and introduce ourselves, tell the group where we worked and tell everyone, if you could be any animal in the world what would it be and why. As the introductions moved around the room people were proud to say they would be a bird because they could fly free, a dog because of its loyalty, a cat for it’s prowlness and so on. There were ever a couple of other animals mentioned. When it was my turn after I told the group my name and where I worked I then said if I could be any animal in the world it would be a werewolf.

Several people in the room laughed out loud while others snickered quietly to themselves. Nonetheless, the group leader asked why. I told the group a werewolf is the alpha of the animal world. I can roam the land at night and work as a registered nurse by day.  I am powerful and I rule. Also being hard to kill and can recuperate with a shift and run.  And I didn’t howl at the moon or change when it was full. They were unaware of the modern day werewolf. As I talked, the group became enthralled in what I was saying. Heads nodded and smiles curved their mouths. After all, who doesn’t like powerful alpha men who will fight for their people and queen even if it means death to him and a female who will fight just as hard for her man.

What happened next was almost funny. They people who spoke after me started saying they wanted to be werewolves and unicorns and vampires, each having reasons of their own. This meeting happened years before I started writing paranormal romance but as you can see, I’ve loved it for a very long time.

So, as I sit in my living room watching the Sci-fi channel I can’t get my mind off of a story I just finished. ‘Stalking Passion,’ and hoping for a late 2015 or early 2016 release date.  But I digress. I just finished watching 30 Days of Night… again. Vampires all over the place bringing havoc to a small town. Why is it that on television the vampires are so bad, however, in the books they are powerful and sexy and we love them so. Even the bad ones we love to hate. And then there’s the next movie that is totally sci-fi however, considering the people are about to start changing into whatever the creature is that’s chewing on them, I guess in a way it’s also paranormal.

But why do we love it so much. I know why I do. When I read, it’s my Calgon take me away. I rarely watch the news or read the paper. It’s depressing. However, reading and writing is the ultimate escape if I can find myself in another country, sitting at a table, at a small café. It’s another escape if I can run through the forest and shift into a wolf or eagle or big ass cat. That’s what makes writing paranormal so much fun.  The ultimate goal is to take the reader to a place away from the everyday grind. Reading paranormal romance takes you to a place you couldn’t otherwise go.  To the place where others may have laughed until they realized what they were missing, what they craved, what they wanted.


What is your paranormal? Your kryptonite?  Your super power?

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    “Demetri, you shouldn’t have awakened her.” Father Kenny swiveled in the chair as he tugged at the starched white Episcopalian collar that was too tight around his neck. His expression flat and voice as calm as always as he relaxed his body against the leather and intertwined his fingers together at the nape of his neck.
Captain Demetrius Perry looked past him to the clock on the far wall. His eyes unreadable and mystical, gave nothing away. He glanced at Father Kenny through a veiled darkness none of the pack understood. Didn’t want to.
    “It was time.”
    “What if she’s not?”
    “She is.”
    “And if she refuses?”
    He didn’t want to think of the implication of her refusing. He glared at Father Kenny but looked past him. “Then I die.




Denver Hamilton’s secrets have never been revealed to anyone… any human that is. She made sure of it, changing her life as it was warranted. Decades have passed and what she thought was a final stop is about to change. Everything she’s lived for, everything she’s hidden will come to light and all because of the day he came into her life.

Reed was on the trail of a serial killer. He didn’t know he was the prey. He has never trusted anyone with the secrets he held within, especially not one of them. But now, his life depends on him trusting someone. Her.

They aren’t even supposed to exist, but they do. Few and sparsely hidden, they will have to fight if they want to survive. The danger they’d been running from has closed in and has pitched two ill fitted lovers together. As the tables turn they will have to decide if what they feel for each other is enough for survival or will it destroy them both, as the hunted become the hunters.


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  1. It’s so difficult to choose just one. I like vampires, werewolves and angels! I also like ordinary people who happen to have an extraordinary paranormal ability like telepathy or clairvoyance etc.