What is a Fairy Godmother to do?

squareWith: Kae Elle Wheeler

What is a Fairy Godmother to do when her magic wand refuses to stay where it belongs!

And …. What would you do?


It’s a silly thing really. But, well, the feisty thing does seem to disappear at will. And, when Cinderella realizes her (evil) stepsister had somehow gotten hold of it, she is mortified. You see, Cinderella is a good girl. She is meek and mild. Abhors confrontation. But sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do!


What would you do?

  1. Stomp your foot and demand that your sister return a magic stick to its rightful owner?
  2. Abscond with said magic stick yourself to get the prince of your dreams back, despite the consequences?
  3. Hide under the large bed in your luxurious bedchamber and pray for the best?
  4. Steal a kiss, then accidentally step on and break the feisty little magic stick?


wrongedprincessi1Let’s see what Cinderella does, shall we? From The Wronged Princess – book i.


Cinderella hid in the shadows of the darkened corridor, praying her light colored frock would not draw the attention of Prince and his cousin.

But, alas, luck was not with her. At least not good luck. Prince strode from the chamber, Sir Arnald fast on his heels. Surprise lit Prince’s eyes when they landed on her. His slow smile ignited a pulsating fire through her veins.

The stick in her hand began vibrating with a thrumming energy, reverberating up her arm, making its way through her entire body. Before coherent thought rationed her brain, she held it out—freezing the two men quite immobile. Horrified and shocked by her actions she looked at the stick, dumbfounded, uncertain what she’d accomplished or why? Could she make them forget they’d seen her?

She raked a hungry gaze over Prince and a positively evil thought took hold. She could test the theory. She wished to touch him. Just once. Before the inevitability of his and Essie’s nuptials. Would he remember? Mortification, humiliation would dog her to her death and beyond. Not to mention the end of an untarnished reputation or the love-turn-hate of a sister.

Hadn’t Cinderella and her sisters already stacked enough bad deeds against them?  Oui! Enough to have them drawn and quartered several times over. But somehow in that moment she could not seem to care.

Was that so terrible?

Oui, it was, the prim, practical, timid voice in her head screamed even as she stepped toward him.

But one kiss, who would know besides she? Roaring silence filled the passageway. One more step found her in touching distance. Spicy soap assailed her senses, and before she could stop herself, Cinderella closed her eyes, tipped up on her toes and touched the corner of his mouth with her lips. Floating on air had nothing on such a daring adventure, touch of his lips. Heart pounding furiously, she lowered her heels, opened her eyes, and stepped back. There was a lovely firmness that contrasted with such velvet. She brought her fingers to her mouth.

Time suspended, holding her prisoner. She’d never acted so indecently. She stared at him as if he were Eros, come to life, yet he remained still as the statue, itself.

“Nicely handled, my dear.”

Startled, Cinderella jumped back, the stick clattering to the floor.

“Ah, there it is. I wondered where I’d misplaced it.”

Shamed burned through her. Her deplorable behavior fastened her in place.

“Oh, Fairy Godmother. I-I am, I—” Cinderella took another step back.

The distinct crack of wood had her gasping for air. Oh, no. No, no, no.  


Oh, dear. Cinderella is in a lot of trouble. I will tell you that in this series, Cinderella does, indeed, get her man. She and her sisters become quite close. In true romance fashion, each girl have their own adventure, they find their own true loves. BUT—did you ever wonder about her evil stepmother? Had she ever fallen in love? She did have two daughters she seemed to dote on. Well, fairy tales don’t always end happily…

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Latest release: The Price of Scorn – book iv: Cinderella’s Evil Stepmother


Fourteen years after the prince and Cinderella are crowned as King and Queen, Cinderella, Pricilla and Esmeralda gather at their mother’s deathbed. But Lady Hildegard Roche has nothing but resentment and scorn for the stepchild who culminates all that was stolen from her. Stunned silent, the sisters learn how tragedy shaped their mother into the woman she became. The question is: Can the sisters forgive her?


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