With: Elle Chardou


A Beautiful Half-Breed

Manon has always walked between two worlds. The daughter of a witch and a vampire, she is neither fully human nor truly immortal–while inside a Vegas casino she’s just a sweet temptation dealing out cards. Until one hot night when a different sort of gambler comes her way.

A Man Like No Other

Mikkel is as cold as he is handsome–a blond-haired and blue-eyed vampire who can enthrall almost any female. Long ago he gave up on love, telling himself nothing mattered but wealth and power. Now he has wealth in abundance, but true power? For that, he’ll have to gamble his heart.

A Dangerous Bet

Manon cannot fight her attraction to Mikkel. He excites her, frightens her, and makes her doubt everything, even herself. Mikkel knows she holds the key to the vampire race in her veins. Does he really want her–or just her unique blood?