A Little Leverage

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With: Cheryl Harper

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Do you think thieves can be heroes? What about the Robin Hood type with a heart of gold…and an affection for the real-deal gold, too. In the wise words of Gordon Gekko, “Greed is good.” It makes for good television, this robbing the rich to free the poor. For five seasons, I loved the TNT show Leverage. A hitter, a hacker, a grifter, a cat burglar, and the brains band together to help people who have no other choice. Disguises, daring rescues, bad guys you like to see get some justice—it all adds up to my kind of show. And I miss now that it’s gone! Wah!

Somehow, my love for thieves and the best of camp on the SyFy channel melted together to form my new Titan Pawn series. Take Warehouse 13 (an ancient repository of powerful artifacts and a few agents to protect them), dump in some Leverage (well, hello, Christian Kane, please always be on my television), and sprinkle some Greek gods in for spice. In Greek Gods Bearing Gifts, the thieves are in charge of protecting Hermes’ very special vault of relics, cleverly disguised in the backroom of a pawnshop nestled under the Hollywood sign. Add in ex-lovers, the thief and the man who put her in prison, and a mission to steal a necklace, and I hope you have a very good time!



Were you a fan of Leverage? How about Christian Kane (now on The Librarians, too, but not quite as Elliot-ish)? Can thieves be heroes? Leave me a comment and I’ll give away 2 signed copies of Greek Gods Bearing Gifts (US readers).

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A thief. A cop. A Greek god’s pawn shop.
Liberty Smith is certain putting two thieves in charge of a pawn shop is a terrible idea, even in Olympic View, tourist attraction and home to some people with unusual skills. Fresh out of prison, Liberty’s ready to go straight, all the way to Omaha if necessary, and take her baby brother Frank with her. Organizing the junk passing for inventory at Titan Pawn and the employees who aren’t all what they seem was never part of the plan.

Justin Barrett is a fine cop, just like his father before him. His only weak spot? The girl he put in prison who now has blood on her hands. Literally. To save pain-in-the-neck Frank and free Liberty to leave Olympic View, Justin joins a very strange mission. To 1983. With an odd watch and Liberty in the shortest red dress it’s been his pleasure to see.

Greek Gods Bearing Gifts is reunion-story, sexy paranormal romance (75,000 words) featuring the charming god of thieves, two people who never stopped loving, and the underworld’s all-you-can-eat rib buffet.

About Cheryl Harper
Whether she’s writing, reading, or checking the items off of her daily to-do list, small-town girl Cheryl Harper loves her romance mixed with a little laughter. When she’s not working, you will find her ignoring housework, cursing yard work, and spending way too much time with a television remote in her hand. And if contemporary romance is more your thing, check out the awesome deal on the Summer Lovin’ box set—14 stories for 99 cents! Mine features a surly cop turned security guard and the quirky secretary who’s got his number.

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Liberty paused in front of the vault door and paced back and forth in small loops. Her first glimpse inside convinced her that this was the one place in the shop that had ever been properly arranged and catalogued, something that appealed to her neatnik soul.

If she ever met the person responsible for this beacon of order, she’d shake his or her hand forcefully.
“What could it hurt to take a looksee?” The wispy memory of Hannah’s warning had been enough to stop her when she was worn out. That caution was way too weak to conquer boredom. Liberty pressed her thumb against the rose in the top right corner of the door.

There was no need to flip on lights. The room was brightly lit, clean, and seemed to be happy to see her.
“You’re losing it, Liberty.” And talking to yourself. Out loud. Again.

Before she took the monumental step, she glanced over her shoulder. Nope, still a mess. So she stepped right into the room. After the disconcerting dizziness settled, she studied the door. Instead of the chaotic jumble of abandoned electronics, all she could see was solid bronze. Her heart pounding as heat swept through her cheeks at the realization she might be locked in and completely vanish without even the rubble of televisions for a clue, she shoved on the door and stepped into the backroom of the pawnshop. Easy.

She braced her hands on her bare thighs and took slow, deep breaths until she could concentrate again. The faint headache and touch of nausea could be side effects of the panic attack or her talent, but she’d come this far. Running scared, this close to the valuables, would be an un-Smith thing to do.

If the pawnshop was arranged in rings of age, from newest to oldest, this place was not. Wrapping her arms tightly across her chest so that she wouldn’t inadvertently touch a thing, Liberty explored the first aisle. The inventory of a magical pawnshop should be all…old stuff. Antiquities that museums would pay gazillions for.

Her thief’s heart pinched at the concept of all that lovely money going unused.

Of course, there were antiquities. She stopped in front of part of a column. It was incomplete but the carvings had her convinced it came from prime Athens real estate. Old-school columns. The placard was printed in Greek, something she’d never learned to read or speak.

But right next to the column that did…something was an Oscar statue, engraved with the name Dwayne Johnson.

Liberty found it not surprising at all that The Rock might be part Greek god.


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  1. Being a broken-hearted fan of Leverage I can truly understand your man crush on Christian Bane. I was thrilled when he showed up on The Librarian(s). To me, that show combines WH13 quirkly artifacts with Leverage’s clever rescue themes. Yes, thieves can be heroes when their hearts are in the right place.

  2. haven’t seen that show; maybe

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  3. Well, of course thieves can be heroes! Sometimes things must be “stolen” to return them to the rightful owner.
    Never watched leverage but all of us trade on leverage in our daily lives, whether we know it or not.
    An Oscar for “The Rock”!?! I’m hooked!