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Irish folklore is full of wondrous tales of legendary heroes, mystical goddesses and all manner of wild and wonderful magic. I grew up loving all of the stories, of fairies and goddesses, giants like Finn McCool and that love followed me into my adult life. So, in 2002, I took my first trip to Ireland.

 And my life changed.

 It sounds cliché, but as soon as I drove away from the airport in Shannon (ok, eyes wide as I drove on the left side..eek) I knew I was home. My heritage is heavily Irish, and I chalked it up initially to my wild, writer’s imagination. But…as the trip went on, I knew it was more. There is a beauty, a mystical quality, a nurturing that is ingrained in this truly emerald isle that is beyond explanation. There was magic here and I’ll admit to looking over my shoulder more than once hoping for a glimpse of the Fairy Prince. Instead, I saw a black-haired, blue-eyed fine looking lad, a stone mason. And the idea for my series debut novel, RUARC: BOUND BY STONE was born.

 My love for paranormal romances has been as long standing as my love of historical ones. Lots of great paranormal heroes and heroines…vampires, shifters, witches, combinations thereof but none of those really fit into my vision. What if, I reasoned, some of Ireland’s more famous myths came to life? What if the leprechauns weren’t really “little people”? What if their pot ‘o gold wasn’t truly gold but something more precious, more vital than wealth? What if the colors of the rainbow were sacred to the Fae, fueled their magic? What if they were hot, sexy warriors destined to save the world?

The fate of the world lies in the Essences of Life, the treasures of both mortal and Fae realms. Once every third era, the Essences must be assembled together at the sacred stone circle or life will sink into chaos and death. The safeguarding of these treasures has rested in the hands of the Leithprachaun, the warrior clan of the Fae. The Dark Banshee queen has released her wrath on the warrior clan and stolen the precious items, cursing them to give their heart, something the capricious Fae cannot do, to find them. The renewing is rapidly approaching and time is running out. Will dark forces gain the power of life, dooming the world to extinction?

 Tick, tock…


Here’s an excerpt from RUARC: BOUND BY STONE

“Ah, cailin,” said Ruarc urging her to look left. “Do ye have this type of flower in the States?”

 She shook her head and spoke slowly. “Yes. We call them dandelions.”

 Shite. Of course he’d just shown her a weed. But that was better than showing her their hostess—all three inches of her—standing on the threshold. Ruarc moved to block Aine’s view. She’s mortal, he mouthed over his shoulder.

 Maureen’s laugh sounded like a wind chime. She nodded her head in understanding. With a swirl of incandescent Fae dust she grew to her four-foot-tall human form. Ruarc had to smile. Among her Sprite clan, that was considered tall. What she lacked in height she made up for in ethereal beauty. Clad in snug American jeans, a long, silver braid hung over one shoulder contrasting against a rust-colored sweater that accented one feature that no man in their right mind would call diminutive. She was a fine sight indeed.

 With a wink, Maureen opened the door farther. “Welcome to Bogha Baisti.”

 Maureen’s voice flowed over them like warm honey and sunshine. A unique gift Sprites had. It calmed people from within. Even he, a Leithprachaun, was not totally immune to its effect—usually. His gut tightened as he shifted his gaze over Aine’s head to the dismal edge of the forest and the very real shadow he was trying to convince Aine did not exist.

 At that moment she turned and caught his gaze. Her eyes, the color of the isle were just as beautiful even filled with suspicion. Right. Maybe it wouldn’t be so easy.

Ruarcebook “Oh, yes. Hi,” said Aine, poking an elbow in Ruarc’s ribs forcing him to pay attention. “My friend thought you might have a room available? I told him it was such short notice you were probably full.”

 “Not a problem,” Maureen’s silver eyes sparkled—literally.

 Ruarc sent her a silent plea. With a blink, the Sprite’s eyes dulled to a plain, gray human shade.

 Maureen reached out and linked Aine’s arm through hers, “We’ve always room for friends. Ruarc, luv. Bring in her bag, won’t you?”

 Ruarc rolled his eyes at Maureen’s regal command. He was a prince of the Leithprachaun, not a bloody bellhop. Grumbling, he hefted the suitcase over the stoop and followed the two women inside.


So, what are some of your favorite paranormal heroes/heroines? Have you ever been to Ireland?

One lucky commenter will win an autographed copy of RUARC: BOUND BY STONE. May the luck of the Irish be with ya 😉


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  1. Good morning, Joan! I’ve recently finished up Ruarc’s story & have only one question for you: WHEN IS THE NEXT BOOK COMING OUT?
    Not that I’m rushing you. 🙂
    My very favorite paranormal hero/heroine pair, though, hmm? Gosh, I’m going to have to be a terrible cliche & just say all of JR Ward’s Black Dagger boys & their women. I ate those books up like candy. I couldn’t stop myself. I was slightly ashamed afterwards of the sheer number of hours I spent reading instead of oh, say, parenting, but I don’t regret a minute.
    Congrats on launching an awesome new series, & know that I’ll be staying tuned!

  2. My favorite paranormal book boyfriend is Eric Northman in True Blood….as of now! Thanks….look forward to reading your book!

    • Hi Alice!

      Yanno, I only got into True Blood when I got free HBO a couple of years ago. OMG, GREAT series…if not incredibly violent. Eric was pretty hot but you can’t discount Joe Manniango ?sp wolfie persona. Rowr….

  3. Loved the post and the excerpt. Thanks for sharing. If I were to pick a mythical character it would be Zeus because he has power.

    • Oooh, Sandy. Zeus is a great choice. I love the rendition of him by Anthony Quinn in the satire series Hercules. He was powerful but STILL afraid of his wife Hera :0-

  4. Hey Susan!

    So glad you liked my boyo LOL My goal is to have Brady’s story out by years end and then…well…there is the REST of the clan to contend with. ALL of the treasures have to be recovered before the world can breathe a sigh of relief…if there’s no wild card 😉

    And I happen to know you’re a great parent, FB pics of your children being eaten by dinosauers not withstanding

  5. Joan, congrats on the release of Rurac and the start of such a unique and wonderfully written paranormal series. Love me some Irish rogues and if all leprechauns are like these guys…sign me up. I’m like Susan, waiting very impatiently for Brady’s book.

    I have to confess that in middle school I fell in love with Greek mythology. So, when Sherrilyn Kenyon started the Dark Hunter series with a basis in Greek mythology, she had me as a fan for life!!

    • Hi Suz! (Typing furiously on Brady’s story) Thanks, I know you’ve been a great sounding board for my world building, my angst, my hopes and dreams for the warriors of Clan Leithprachaun.

      And I echo your love of the DarkHunters. Original Fantasy Lover’s book cover anyone? Sheri is a great author and has been such a supportive friend to me and so many others.

  6. So interesting, Joan. I know that feeling of visiting another country and feeling that you’ve come “back home.” We felt that way during our visit to Scotland. So magical and peaceful. I even learned to actually understand the brogue.

    I’m enjoying your book! Thanks to Ireland for inspiring it!

    • Ah Jo, it took me completely by surprise the sense of belonging I felt. Sigh. April 12 it will be SEVEN years since I visited. To long to my way of thinking…Maybe in the next few years.

      Glad you’re enjoying Ruarc and Aine’s story!

  7. Oh, and my favorite paranormal boyfriend used to be the vampire in the Anita Blake vampire hunter series, but the author went so dark that I stopped reading :(( the series.

  8. Hi Joan!

    I’m so jealous that you went to Ireland. It’s been a dream of mine. We went to Scotland, which is close, but on the way back we flew over Ireland. OMG – so beautiful and GREEN. It truly deserves the name the Emerald Isle.

    Favorite paranormal hero – I’d go with Jericho Barrons from Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series set in Dublin, Ireland. Why is it all the great fae paranormals are set in Ireland? (grin). I hope this sells like hotcakes!

    • It’s the truth Donna. Ireland really IS the emerald isle. I asked a fellow once if they had ever done any type of scientific study of the various shades of green. He gave me a standard tourist placating response about the old song 40 Shades of green. But the lakes! The sky (when it’s not raining) SO blue!!!! The ONLY place on earth I’ve been to where anything got close to that sapphire shade is Lake Tahoe…..but I was too busy watching out for BEARS to make any further comparison

      Jericho Barrons is one sexy…something. A “nine” I LOVED Karen’s latest BURNED as it brought back the MacKeltar’s from her Highlander series. And…dare I hope…there was a HINT that MAYBE Adam Black (The darkest elf) might…uhm…show up in next one? 😀

  9. WOOHOO, Joan!! So excited these are finally OUT! Thrilled, thrilled, thrilled. WOOT! I’ve been jonesing for Ruarc’s story since I first heard about it. Like so many others said, I’m jealous that you’ve been to Eire. Grins. I feel that sense of “home” in my own North Carolina mountains, and I’m betting I’ll feel it in Scotland too. Ha! I felt it in England when I went. Sigh. Wanna go back.

    My fav paranormal hero….wow….that’s a toughie. I REALLY like Griffin in Nancy Northcott’s Renegade, he’s scrumptious. I like all the heroes in Dianna Love’s Belador series….too hard to choose just one.

    • Ah Jeanne, since watching Starz series “Outlander”…I’d be willing to give a few days up to go to Scotland and look for Jamie Fraser…kilt optional 😀

  10. Christine Stacy

    John, I soooooo want to buy your book now. Send me the details please.

    From a fellow Irish lassie.

    Christine Stacy
    (LWR member)

    • Hi Christine.

      You can find the book at Amazon, Nook, iTunes, Kobo and Googleplay. But the rafflecopter might copter your way 😀

  11. Love the excerpt, Joan! I loved your Roman series and can’t wait to find the time to read Ruarc’s story! Love the cover, too!

    • Hi Leslie!

      Isn’t the cover just magnificent? My cover artist (notice how I say MY as if she doesn’t do loads of fabulous ones? LOL) is Lyndsey Lewellen of Lewellen designs. I know so many of us download to our reading devices but man, her covers…MY covers…are just insanely gorgeous in print. I dunno…maybe it’s that Irish imagination again but I…ahem..imagine I feel the magic when I touch it 😀

  12. Hooked with the excerpt, will add to my must read list. Thank you!!!

    • Hi Janet,

      Thanks for stopping by! I am honored for my first Leithprachaun to be added to your TBR list…course, with magic…you just don’t know. It might pop up to the head of the line 😉

  13. LOVED Ruarc’s story. Just like your Roman series, this book has powerful yet devoted men AND women! So, umm, WRITE FASTER!! I’ve never been to Ireland, but recently got back in touch (via Facebook) with family members I haven’t seen since I was a kid. My mother’s maiden name was Roark, so I should have realized not ALL my heritage on that side is Italian. One of my male cousins is all about our Celtic ancestry. He’s the one with the long, dark, hair and the piercing blue eyes. Another cousin, Jeff, is red-headed and still full of mischief (and he’s older than me!) I love paranormal, but particularly when it takes me down a new trail: your sexy Leprechauns, the Fablehaven series, and any of the Artemis Fowl books! I would personally like a brownie from the Fablehaven series who’d fix up the house and cook things while I’m asleep!

    • Hi Angie,

      Aye, your’re full of the Irish spirit and there’s been more than a bit of mischief in your own eyes. 😀

      And you can tell where my head went when you said you wanted a brownie. I was like, yummm…a brownie. 😀

  14. Joanie, I love your excerpt!

    I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland. I got to spend a summer in Britain when I was in grad school, and was in Scotland every minute I had free time, but there wasn’t time (or money) to go to Ireland. I still hope to go someday!

    Congratulations on this book and the gorgeous cover!

  15. Joan, great excerpt! There are many paranormal heroes and heroines I like. Acheron in the Dark-Hunters stands out. Also Dragos if Thea Harrison’s Elder Races series. Elena in Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunters.

    Congrats on your new series!

  16. Thanks Nancy!

    And many thanks to all those who stopped by for some Leithprachaun fun! Have a fantastic Easter weekend!


  17. Sounds like a great book!! Any hero by Rebecca Zanetti and their lady.

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