Come meet the hottest wolves in the West!

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With: Anna Lowe


Why do I write paranormal romance? I guess for the same reasons I read the genre. Reading can be an escape, a way to slip into a fantasy life that’s much more thrilling than our everyday lives. Why paranormal set in the desert? I think edgy paranormal worlds lend themselves to capable heroes and heroines. For me, the latter is a must: I love a heroine who can stand on her own two feet – one who’s doing just fine on her own. But give the heroine a good man (not to mention a chance to overcome her own inhibitions) and she’ll never turn down the chance for adventure, nor shy away from danger. That’s what I love to write!

Another thing that draws me to the paranormal is the fantasy element–just imagine being able to slip into another body the way we slip into a different pair of shoes! Think running shoes versus high heels: each give you a different feel, a different persona. That’s why I enjoy writing (and reading) about shapeshifters with their dual natures. Who wouldn’t want to change into a wolf and howl at the desert moon with an eternally loyal mate?

I also love the concept of destined mates, which fits perfectly into the shapeshifter world. That feeling of bam ̶ love at first sight! Not that my heroes and heroines have it easy ̶ there are always many obstacles in the way to their togetherness.


I often write about outsiders coming in to Twin Moon Ranch, too: East Coast girls experiencing the wonder of a special place and a completely new lifestyle. It’s very much what I experienced when I left my native New England for a job on a ranch in the highlands of central Arizona.

In fact, the Twin Moon Ranch of my series is based on the ranch I worked on: the dining hall, the council house, the gateway hung with the ranch brand, and the overall layout of Twin Moon Ranch were inspired by that magical place. Of course, the real ranch didn’t have werewolves or many hunks, so Twin Moon is much better! The experience of working on that ranch also gave me my fascination with the desert in all its moods and seasons–a fascination that comes through in my stories.

You’ll see that come through in the very beginning of Desert Blood (Book 2 in the Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch), in which Heather, who is on the run from vampires, stops her car in the middle of the desert:

She nearly rushed through this barren landscape entirely, a mere blip on a map she had long since given up on following. But from one mile to the next, the frantic urge to run was replaced by a warm, safe sensation, as if she’d flipped a shower tap from icy cold to blissfully hot. She let her dusty orange VW roll to a stop on the side of the road then got out and turned in a slow circle, scanning the scene. What was it about this place?
The sun rose boldly over the high altitude desert, highlighting a razorback horizon wrinkled by time. A pale crescent moon hung low over the hills, dripping pale pink light on the brush below. All of it was perfumed by sage and pine, beargrass and buttercup. The grandeur of the scene spoke of time—eons of it, whispering on a breath of wind.
This. This was the place. Even with her eyes closed, she could feel the rightness of it. This place would become her home.


Finally, I enjoy writing paranormal because the villains are so much more interesting than in real life: vampires, rogues, demons! And I enjoy combining genres, bringing just enough of a western touch into my stories to keep it interesting, but not so much that it becomes a cliché.

How about you? Why do you enjoy paranormal romance?


Heather Luth knows nothing about the paranormal world until one awful night changes everything. Now she’s on the run — straight into the arms of forbidden love. Her mind knows better than to fall for Cody Hawthorne’s sunny smile and mesmerizing voice, but her heart — and destiny — have other ideas.

On the surface, Cody is warm, witty, and fun, but beneath his carefree facade, Heather sees a real man struggling to break free. Day by day, Heather and Cody grow closer and closer, unable to resist their simmering passion — while day by day, a serial murderer closes in on his prey. Duty fights desire; fear wrestles trust as the human world clashes with the paranormal in a tale of forbidden love.

There’s more than meets the eye on Twin Moon Ranch, home to a pack of shapeshifting wolves willing to battle for life and love.


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