Bound By Moonlight

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“I’m not going to hurt you, Miss Havershaw.” He moved his hand to the spot he approximated to be her shoulder. Instead of a fabric-bound collarbone, his fingers pressed into a soft warm mound with a fleshy peak that extended between the ropes. His groin tightened, not needing to see what his fingers instantly recognized.
“Take your hand off my breast, Mr. Locke.”

Hi All –

Many years ago, I was quite sure I’d never be published. My Victorian-set historical that I was certain would sell was rejected everywhere. I finally accepted that reality and cast about for a new idea. My husband and I had gone to the movies the night before and watched a terrible movie called “My Super Ex-Girlfriend.” Did you see it? Great shark scene, but that was about it. However, it got me thinking about supernatural powers. All the movies and tv shows at that time featured superheroes. I’d just come off some heavy researching of the Victorian time period, so I wondered about combining the two genres – sexy corsets and superpowers had potential but what power to use?


I thought about flying because how cool would that be? But the thought of my Victorian lady having to land in petticoats and crinolines…well it would be a bit like the Hindenburg landing, don’t you think? So that was out.


But what about turning invisible? This worked. Imagine the things you could do, see, hear if no one knew you were there? I could see a lot of possibilities, but I wanted something more – so I made the heroine unable to control her ability. I didn’t want her to be able to use the power whenever she wanted, and given the time period, she wouldn’t have benefit of some super engineered clothes. So I made her turn invisible when caught in the moonlight. She can’t help it. It just happens. Thus my Victorian historical was born. The story fell from my fingertips as if enchanted. I instantly knew I was born to be a paranormal romance writer.



However, in the midst of writing that story…that Victorian historical, the one no one wanted…it won the Golden Heart award from Romance Writers of America. Suddenly, I was in an auction and Berkley won the rights to publish The Education of Mrs. Brimley. Unfortunately, they bought my Victorian paranormal as well. They slapped a terrible cover on it (which you can still see on my Amazon page) then let the novel sink like a stone. Even though it had won the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice award for historical love and laughter that year, and had received excellent reviews, the sales just didn’t materialize. Berkley said they didn’t want to see a sequel. They wanted straight historical romances from me hereon. But all that ended when I got my rights back to my invisible heroine.


I’ve reissued the novel under the name Bound By Moonlight. If you like your paranormal light and fun, give this one a try. I’m writing the long overdue sequel Bound by Touch as we speak. I’m also reissuing my very first publishing credit, a contemporary paranormal short story called “Smoke and Mirrors” next month. I must say, it feels good to be back in the paranormal world. 🙂


BOUNDboundbymoonlightstandard[1] BY MOONLIGHT

A woman of extraordinary talents…

Lusinda Havershaw turns invisible in moonlight, just her – not her clothes. She can’t help it, it just happens. A descendent of a rare race, her ancestors have been burned as witches, persecuted and tormented as the devil’s children. She must be careful to avoid detection. However as her family has no other means of support, she must reluctantly shed her petticoats and corset during a full moon to prowl the gaslit streets of London, stark naked, as a thief.


A man with a dangerous mission…

The only tools British spy and master safecracker James Locke needs are his hands and his brains. But when a hand tremor threatens his mission to secure a list of agents for the Crown, the accidental discovery of a lady thief with an extraordinary secret may just be his salvation. However as James and Lusinda discover, there’s more than one kind of trouble to be found in the moonlight. The kind that begins with blackmail and ends with a kiss…


Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?


My question for you is – If you could choose a supernatural power, what would it be? You know, there’s no reason my race of individuals with this extraordinary power can’t exist in modern times. Could someone you know possibly turn invisible in moonlight? A neighbor, a friend? I mean how would you know? You wouldn’t be able to see them. Who do you think it would be?



Can’t wait to hear your ideas. I’d love to send someone a copy – ebook or print – of Bound By Moonlight. But let’s chat…moonlight, superpowers, and destiny.


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  1. Hey, Donna! What a wonderful idea for a story! Plus I love the idea that superpowers aren’t free–everything comes with a cost & the very good things cost a lot. So of course she can’t just turn her cltohes invisible. She has to risk a LOT to indulge her superpower. How fun!

    As for me, if I could have any superpower I want? Hmmm. I think I’d settle for being able to write more than one book a year. 🙂 Or a mesmerizing singing voice? Oooh, that would be fun. I wouldn’t mind a vial of Lucy’s magic tonic that heals all wounds from the Narnia Chronicles, either.

  2. Hi, Donna! Bound by Moonlight is one of my favorites of your stories — it’s fun and sexy.

    Wow, if I could have a supernatural power …. that’s a toughie. I think I’d like to have little glimpses into the future so I could foresee the consequences of my acts. Like, nope, that could turn out to be a very bad idea!

    It would be helpful in deciding whether to accept a new job, travel to a certain place, or buy a certain stock. So perhaps not exactly the future, but possible consequences down the road — like being a super chess master or something like that, to see all the possibilities. That could be cool!

    • Hi Saralee!

      Thanks for stopping by! What a cool idea. I can definitely see it as it pertains to stocks or maybe to buying a certain car. You’d know in advance if it was a lemon. But I’m not sure I’d want to know much about the future in other areas. It’s such a chain link. The lessons learned from a near miss or failure in one area make for success in the next venture. See, I’m nothing but a collection of misadventures! LOL 🙂

      I think if I would to write a story like that, I’d make my heroine be able to see bits of the future for other people – but never her own. Hmmm…That might make a neat story. Thanks Saralee!

  3. Hi Susan!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I hear you on writing more than one book a year. I think I’m doing great if I manage one :). I envy those prolific writers who turn out consistently great novels, several in a year…maybe one day. 🙂

    Speaking of great novels – I’ve downloaded your latest TIME FOR TROUBLE. Can’t wait to read it

  4. Donna,
    I love love love this book. I’m glad you reissued it. Now I’m waiting for a sequel. When will we see it?

    I liked the bit in the Harry Potter movies where Hermione got a time turner so she could be in two places at once. That might help with churning out more than one book a year AND keeping up with grandchildren AND keeping house AND all the other ands in our lives. . .

    I shudder at the thought any of my neighbors being invisible at night! It might be amusing if my grandbuddy who lives a block away could come prowling through my yard on moonlit nights, though.

    • Thanks for the book love, Carol! It’s really nice to be able to hold it in my hands finally.

      I love that ability to be in more than one place at once. Really, that would solve so many problems! One could deal with life, laundry, family celebrations, family emergencies and still be able to write. Wouldn’t that be nice.

      The sequel is next up. I’m trying to eke out writing time now that tax season is finally over. (Yay!) Wish me luck!

  5. I would love to be able to travel around the world in the blink of an eye. No flying just think where I want to be and I am there, with luggage intact.

    • Hi Joan!

      That sounds heavenly. I went to Houston, TX last month and wretched my back putting my carry-on luggage in the overhead bin – to say nothing of sitting in the airport for seven hours due to flight delays, then squeezing into a tiny seat. Flying is certainly not the luxury experience it once was. How wonderful to just think of a place and be there with appropriate luggage. And hey – if you forgot something or packed the wrong kind of clothes, you could be home in a blink to correct the situation! Cool power!

  6. Donna, so glad to see Moonlight getting its propers as it’s a fantastic book. As for what superpower I’d choose–to heal, I think. I’d love to live in a world where no one experienced physical pain. It would go a ways to evening the playing field, you know?
    Glad you went to that bad movie years ago since it led to this lovely book.

    • Thanks for the book love, Libby!

      It would be wonderful to be a healer, to make such a difference in someone’s life. You’re going to love the sequel. Guess I better get writing 🙂

      I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where healers could eliminate pain. So, you’d take that healing quality for granted. I wonder if something else would take it’s place in a similar fashion. Yeah, it was the one good thing about that movie. Funny how that works.

  7. I LOVE Moonlight! Possibly my favourite of your books, though I do have an enormous soft spot for Mrs. Brimley *g*. As you know, I’ve been waiting for the next book since I first read Moonlight, so I’m thrilled you’re finally able to release it.

    As for a super power – I’d love to have the nose wiggling magic that Samantha had in Bewitched. If I can’t have that, I’d love to have either the ability to travel somewhere in the blink of an eye (or wiggle of a nose) or be able to stretch time.

    • Thanks for the book love Anna!

      Well, I have to write the sequel, but I can now – no more editors saying no. You know, of all my books, this is the one people have emailed me for – looking for the sequel. Mooonlight has always had a special place in my heart, now the story can continue.

      Can you wiggle your nose? I can’t. I’d love to have Samantha powers but I’d need something else – a twitch of the lips or something. Wouldn’t it be cool to transport yourself in a blink or a twitch or a nose wiggle? Sure would make it easier to research England and Scotland 🙂 And we’d see you more frequently – how cool is that!!

  8. Donna, I adore this book! I am a sucker for both paranormals and historicals, so this book was for me. I thought the heroine’s conflicted feelings about her power was exactly how she would feel. If I had a super power, I would love invisibility. I enjoy spying on people and hearing what they say when they think they are alone!

    • LOL Caren – you’re sneaky 🙂

      Thanks for the book love! I think that aspect of invisibility would be neat as well. I guess the trick would be in not letting others know you were there by talking or reacting. Have you ever read Memoirs of an Invisible Man, the one they made the Chevy Chase movie from? Naturally, the book is better – but I loved that book. I’d read it long before I ever thought to try my hand at writing. Funny the things that influence us.

  9. Hey Donna!! I LOVE this book – love the premise, love the characters, love the story – love everything about it. You have such a great way of building up a story, and bringing us into the lives of the characters. PLEASE tell me there are more in this series???

    As to powers, I would love being like the Human Torch, being able to bring/make fire. Grins. Sounds like me, doesn’t it??

    • LOL Jeanne!

      I can see you as a human torch. Whenever you needed a match to light that fuse, you could snap your fingers and BOOM! I think the cool thing about being the human torch is the flying aspect. I’d love to fly – to just soar – but it would be neat to leave a plume of smoke behind :).

      You know there will be sequels :). Once you create certain characters, they just won’t leave you alone, you know? I think the challenge is finding the best way to tax them, to put the characters in the worst possible position to bring out their best possible qualities.

  10. Oh, I just love this book (and all your others!) I think my superpower would be the power of illusion, like Loki, or a Jedi. You’d come over to my house and think it was perfectly clean and I was perfectly dressed and never know I hadn’t dusted in a week and was wearing my comfy sweatpants!

    • Hi Kat!

      Thanks for the book love! LOL on that superpower! I could use some of that (hahaha). Not only would I be perfectly dressed, but I’d be a good twenty pounds lighter – but why stop there? Thirty pounds and perfect hairand a half-finished manuscript there on the table. I like that. Thanks for the suggestion AND the book love!

  11. Donna, you pose a great question. After giving it some thought, I confess that I’d probably eventually use 99% of abilities for my own gain after a while. Therefore I’ll choose having the ability to speak, read, write and comprehend every language on Earth. A comfortable income would never be a problem and I’d be able to travel extensively and meet so many people.

    • Hi Janie!

      What a cool superpower! The speaker at Saturday’s COFW meeting was Russian. She said that when she was in the Soviet Union or spoke of the USSR, she dreamt in Russian. When she spoke of Ohio, or things concerning the United States, she dreamt in English. I wonder what would happen if you could speak all the languages of the world? I think I’d like to be able to talk and understand animals. Wouldn’t that be neat? Yup – I’d be Donna Doolittle :).

      Thanks for stopping by, Janie. I really appreciate it.

  12. Donna, I’m so glad you can finally give this great story its due! I hope you pick up a million readers. Love the new title and cover, by the way. I smiled at your story about never being published – I was there too. It’s a shock how quickly that can change – after things not being quick at all, isn’t it? Good luck with your new venture!

    • Oh, and I’ve always wanted to be able to fly. I watch the birds and think how free they are.

      • Thanks Anna – and congratulations on the publication of your 10th novel! Isn’t that amazing! All those years we thought we were writing for our own entertainment apparently, and now we’re churning out books like crazy…well you are 🙂 This sequel is book nine.

        I think it would be so cool to fly and coast on a warm current. I’d fly down to Florida and warmer climes in the winter and back north in the summer (because we have the most beautiful spring seasons here). It would be so neat – and cheap! No need for gasoline 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Anna!

  13. to cast spells

    • Wooo…witchy woman!

      I hope you realize bn100 that I’m sitting here making voodoo dolls in-between typing 🙂 They’re nice voodoo dools. I figure these will protect reader’s TBR piles and ensure that books that are borrowed return to their owners. It’s for a reader’s lunch this weekend. I’m celebrating completion of my time-travel set in New Orleans. If my agent can’t sell it (time-travels are tough), I’ll have it out this year.

      So who are you planning to cast a spell on? And will you be a good witch, or a bad? 🙂

  14. Donna, you know I love Moonlight! Can’t wait to read the sequel. That’s a marvelous cover for the novella, too. I’m looking forward to reading it.

    As for paranormal powers, I don’t know if flying counts. If it does, I pick that!

    • Nancy –

      Thanks for the book love

      This is the same Bound by Moonlight – it’s now available in print. Still working on the sequel. I hope that will be ready soon. Thanks for stopping by!