Trilogy or Series?

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I’m excited to be back on Just Paranormal Romance, celebrating today’s release of Sunroperthe final book in my Goddesses Rising trilogy.

When I sold the first book, Under the Moon, to Entangled Publishing, they asked if it could be a trilogy because they wanted to offer a three-book contract. I hadn’t gotten very far in considering sequels, but I said yes because Sam needed his happy ending. (FYI, he gets it in Heavy Metal. 🙂 ) The way the story evolved, three books was just right. I feel the main story arc was resolved satisfactorily and that I’d spent enough time in the world.

For a long time, trilogies were IT. If a book wasn’t a stand-alone, it was part of a trilogy. Then urban fantasy changed the landscape a little bit, and paranormal romance followed. Now there are very long, very awesome series, some featuring the same main characters in every story, some with a new couple as the focus but with everyone else rotating through as important secondary characters. 

Some trilogies are connected but don’t have a story thread that develops through the three books. Some series are also stand-alone stories that can be read in any order. Some don’t have one main story thread but do revisit events and issues from past books. Some are extremely complicated, some are more simple.
As a reader, I like them both. I guess I like whatever serves the story most. So far, I don’t think I’ve read an ongoing paranormal romance series that went on too long and lost my interest. Occasionally, I’ve read a trilogy that made me sad to be done with, knowing there were no more books coming. 
How about you? Do you prefer trilogies or series? Or standalone novels?
From now until January 8, Under the Moon (e-book) will be only 99 cents at select retailers. And if you’ve already started the trilogy, Sunroper is out now! 
Happy New Year, everyone!

Goddess Rising series, Book 3
Natalie J. Damschroder
ISBN: 978-1622660490
Number of pages: 352 pages
Word Count: 100,000 words

Barnes & Noble
Goodreads Page

Marley Canton is done being a victim. A year and a half has passed since she discovered her ability to nullify power in those who aren’t supposed to have it. She’s now on a quest not only to stop the brats who’ve become addicted to goddess power, but also to find the source of their addiction.

Like Marley, Gage Samargo is tracking down the goddess who went rogue decades ago. Insane with too much power from the sun, she’s selling that energy to Gage’s younger brother and his friends, who are no longer content to come into power naturally. While they work to find a way to neutralize the goddess, Marley discovers that every time she nullifies someone, she takes on some of the goddess’s insanity.
Gage falls for Marley’s sharp wit and intense desire to right wrongs. But once he discovers she’s turning into her enemy, is it too late to back away?
About the Author: 
Natalie J. Damschroder writes high-stakes romantic adventure, sometimes with a paranormal bent. She’s published 16 novels, seven novellas, and fifteen short stories, many of them exploring magical abilities, but all with a romantic core. She currently lives in Pennsylvania with her perfect partner of a husband and two amazing daughters. Learn more about her at her website. 
Twitter: @NJDamschroder

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  1. Happy to have you here! You’re ringing in the new year with some wonderful books. 🙂

  2. Like books in a series as long as they’re standalone

  3. These look like some great reads Natalie!! 🙂

  4. Sounds exciting can’t wait to get my hands on them!